News | 10/22/2014 LTR 1060 telescopic crawler crane proves its off-road credentials in high Alpine terrain

The most difficult point: Geri Clausen manoeuvres his crane around a tight, steep bend with great skill.

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A Liebherr LTR 1060 was driven around tight bends and on gradients of up to 40 percent to the site at an altitude of 2020 meter to extend a tunnel on the Gornergrat railway in Zermatt in the Swiss Canton of Wallis. A superb team from Clausen Kran AG with technical assistance from Liebherr in advance and perfect crawler crane technology made the extremely difficult approach possible.

Geri Clausen is completely happy with his Liebherr telescopic crawler crane. He commented, “We have lots of sites where this highly manoeuvrable crane is simply perfect.”