Press releases | 04/07/2021 LiView position transducer in the new crawler loader generation

  • LiView provides cylinder measurement data for driver assistance systems.
  • The highly robust position transducer is ideal for demanding operating conditions.

LiView, the intelligent position transducer for hydraulic cylinders, allows for reliable control of the bucket in the new Liebherr LR 636 G8 crawler loader using precise measurement data – even under the most demanding conditions.

The new Liebherr generation 8 crawler loader is equipped with a LiView position transducer.

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The new automatic functions of the LR 636 G8 show themselves in operation.

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Nussbaumen (Switzerland), 8 April 2021 – In mobile machines, assistance systems relieve the driver and can significantly increase efficiency. When hydraulic cylinders are involved, assistance systems require precise measurement data on the exact position of the cylinder. LiView reliably delivers this measurement data with its unique mode of operation.

"For our new generation of crawler loaders, it was important for us to have a position transducer that is on a par with the performance of our crawler loader. Work with the crawler can sometimes release enormous forces. LiView has proven to be a reliable and, above all, robust solution here – thanks to its unique measuring principle and the great flexibility in the positioning of the electronics module," says Wolfgang Schulz, Product Line Manager for crawler loaders at Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH.

Automatic lifting, lowering and tipping of the loading bucket with LiView data

In the new LR 636 G8 crawler, the LiView position transducer provides precise measurement data on the tipping and lifting cylinders. This allows the driver, among other things, to activate automatic lifting and lowering of the bucket. This function is intended for loading work, where the lifting gear is to be repeatedly raised or lowered to a certain height. Once the set position is reached, the lifting or lowering stops automatically.

Likewise, a position can also be stored for tipping of the loading bucket in and out, which can be automatically controlled via the hydraulic sensor.

Unique measuring principle

The position transducer consists of the processing electronics and two probes. LiView measures the cylinder’s scattering parameters using signals at different frequencies injected onto the cylinder itself. Piston position and speed are calculated in real-time by the processing electronics. That allows for dynamic automation of machines.

The LR 636 G8's areas of application include earthworks and landfill sites. It is suitable for applications that require extremely high breakout forces. LiView is the ideal partner here. The position transducer uses the cylinder itself as an extremely robust sensing element, making it ideally suited to the high demands of the LR 636 G8.

Simple integration

LiView impresses with its quick and easy mechanical integration. The processing electronics can be installed either directly on the outside of the cylinder or at any location near the cylinder. In the LR 636 G8, the LiView electronics module is installed under the cab.

Perfect interaction with Liebherr hydraulic cylinders

In the LR 636 G8 crawler, LiView measures the position of the Liebherr cylinders. As with the electronics, Liebherr also offers high quality and durability in the manufacture of its cylinders. The cylinder manufacturer installs the LiView probes and checks the cylinder with an integrated position transducer. The OEM receives a fully tested cylinder and can connect the electronics module directly. Thus, the fully equipped component can be put into operation easily and quickly.

Liebherr hydraulic cylinders from the 380 bar series production range can be ordered with the position transducer already integrated. In addition to Liebherr's own cylinders, LiView is also suitable for numerous other cylinder types. Compatibility with new cylinders can be checked rapidly based on drawings and 3D models.


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