Press releases | 04/11/2016 LiSIM – Simulators for Liebherr construction machines: training under even more realistic conditions

  • Simulators for tower cranes, crawler cranes up to 300 tonnes, duty cycle crawler cranes and deep foundation machines from Liebherr
  • Training simulators with realistic functions in real time
  • Focus on training, education, safety and efficiency

At Bauma 2016 Liebherr presents its enhanced LiSIM concept. With these simulators it is possible to drive tower cranes, duty cycle crawler cranes, crawler cranes up to 300 tonnes and deep foundation machines in a virtual environment under even more realistic conditions. Ambient conditions such as wind, fog and rain, as well as different times of the day and night, are simulated and trained in a realistic manner. This increases the safety and productivity in real operation.

Thanks to the use of original machine components such as cab, control panel and switch cabinet, actual data can be imported via the real control. Machine operators and service technicians can be trained with the new LiSIM simulators for Liebherr crawler and tower cranes, as well as deep foundation machines. The virtually assisted training allows crane drivers and machine operators to test their limits without taking any safety risks.

Driving tower cranes under realistic conditions

With the Liebherr simulator for tower cranes, the laminated panes of the crane cab form a projection area in conjunction with virtual reality glasses. Using this technology the user also sees the proper interior of the cab and himself, in addition to the virtual construction site environment. The real crane signals generated at the control stand are processed and visualised in an original switch cabinet, the movements are transferred through a motion platform to the cab. This conveys a realistic driving feeling and illustrates the handling of the tower crane in real time.

In the LiSIM simulator, crane drivers obtain practical experience with extreme situations, which extends beyond the theoretical knowledge. For example, crane behaviour in wind, fog and rain, as well as at different times of the day and night, can be simulated. This represents a new dimension in terms of flexibility and safety for the training of crane operators. In realistic driving situations technicians learn, for example, about the so-called teach-in process, the programming of a workspace boundary, as well as the checking of the overload. Thus, Liebherr ensures that service technicians are fit for work on the construction site. Sales staff learn how to drive a crane in a safe environment and training institutions can simulate different operating conditions during the training.

Training for crawler cranes and deep foundation machines in a safe environment

The Liebherr simulators for crawler cranes up to 300 tonnes, duty cycle crawler cranes and deep foundation machines also offer the opportunity to train the handling and usage of the selected machine in a safe environment under extremely realistic conditions, for instance, tough environmental conditions can be reconstructed. At the same time, machine operators can significantly increase the efficiency on the construction site by training in a virtual environment.

The simulators are available in three different configurations: integrated in a classroom, as a space-saving cab solution or in an easy-to-transport container. Each of these models is equipped with a multifunctional instructor station for the trainer.

The Liebherr simulators enable challenging training. Full HD flat screens and high-quality surround speakers produce images and sounds, which are typically seen and heard in the operator's cab. In addition, the motion base ensures that the machine operator experiences realistic and accurate movements in the Liebherr simulator, comparable to a flight simulator.

Further development of the LiSIM concept

At Liebherr the new LiSIM simulators are a permanent feature in the training of machine operators, crane drivers and service technicians. Over 25 such LiSIM solutions from Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH are already in use worldwide.

In future it is planned to process real planning data from the Liebherr Crane-Planner in the simulation. This means training on actual situations using 3D data from a real construction site can be carried out. For instance, processes can be practised, optimised and, if necessary, corrections can be made in the construction site planning.

In further development steps LiSIM solutions will be a link in a digitised value-added chain. Building Information Modelling (BIM) data will be displayed via an appropriate interface in the simulator. Interfaces for the LiDAT fleet management are also in preparation.