Press releases | 03/14/2023 Liebherr’s new models for deep foundation: LRB 23 and LB 30 unplugged

  • The LRB 23 offers Kelly visualization and drilling assistant for highest safety and efficiency
  • LB 30 unplugged: battery-powered drive concept for zero emission

Liebherr expands its portfolio for deep foundation applications. With the piling and drilling rig type LRB 23, the company closes the gap between the LRB 16 and the long-established LRB 355. The battery-powered drilling rig LB 30 unplugged has the same performance specifications as the conventional version and with zero emission provides additional advantages.

The compact piling and drilling rig from Liebherr: LRB 23.

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Liebherr once again electrifies the drilling rig series with the LB 30 unplugged.

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The new LRB 23 offers an impressive engine output of 804 hp (600 kW) and so delivers the necessary capacity for all common deep foundation operations, such as Kelly drilling, double rotary drilling, full displacement drilling, continuous flight auger drilling, soil mixing and applications with a vibrator or hydraulic hammer.

The compact design of the LRB 23 allows for transportation in one piece, simplifying mobilization between jobsites and enhancing flexibility. The remote control simplifies the loading process for transportation and assembly of the machine.

The advantages of the rigid leader are proven in operation. It can withstand high torques and even Kelly drilling is possible - a unique feature for a machine of this size. The rotary drive BAT 300 delivers a maximum torque of 221,269 lbf-ft (300 kNm).

Highest efficiency and safety through digital assistance systems

Locking the Kelly bar’s telescopic sections is made significantly easier with the aid of the Kelly visualization system in the LRB 23. Thanks to the real-time display of the Kelly bar’s locking recesses on the cab monitor, the operator is constantly informed about the actual distance to the next locking recess. Color indications also inform the operator when the bar can be locked. Furthermore, false positioning of the Kelly bar during the shake-off process is indicated through a warning signal.

During continuous flight auger drilling, the concreting process is automated thanks to the drilling assistant. All assistance systems contribute to time savings, higher availability of the machine and a significant increase in safety during operation. The newly designed piling and drilling rig offers precision, high performance and a long service life.

LB 30 unplugged

Over many years the drilling rigs LB 25 and LB 30 have proven themselves in the conventional version. The new battery-operated unplugged versions are identical regarding application possibilities, weight or transport; however, they have the additional advantage of zero emission. The drilling rigs can be used for all common applications in the field of deep foundation.

Thanks to the optional extension of the drilling axis, the machines can be deployed for drilling diameters of up to 11.2 ft (3.4 m). The optional rear support and the new design of the modular rear counterweight ensure higher stability and longer service life.

In addition to the standard design, both machines are available in a Low Head version with a total height of 46.3 ft (14.1 m), or as Ultra Low Head with only 25.5 ft (7.7 m).

For battery operation, the charging cable only needs to be unplugged and, for unlimited operation, reconnected to the construction site power supply. The battery is designed for a working time of 4 hours in Kelly operation. Whether in battery or plugged-in operation, the drilling performance remains unchanged.


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