Press releases | 05/11/2020 Liebherr's new generation of crawler excavators is designed for the Swedish market

  • Generation 8 crawler excavators are gradually being introduced to the Swedish market
  • High-performance hydraulics and reduced fuel consumption
  • Superior comfort and design

Liebherr's new generation crawler excavator is steadily establishing a presence in countries around the world. One example is Sweden, a growing market for earthmoving machinery and crawler excavators, where the machine's versatility, performance, comfort and design are attracting more and more local customers.

Advantages of the R 930 crawler excavator: increased engine power, larger bucket filling volume and reduced fuel consumption.

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The R 930 has a completely new design, characteristic of the new range of "Generation 8" machines.

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The R 924 is from the new generation 8, which has been entirely revamped for increased comfort, safety, ergonomics and operating performance.

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The R 924 purchased by Eggvena Shakts was the first generation 8 excavator delivered in Sweden.

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The R 924 crawler excavator, owned by Eggvena Shakts, was the first generation 8 excavator to be delivered on Swedish soil. The driver, Benny Anderssons, particularly appreciates its stability and performance, as well as the low average fuel consumption of 9.9 l/h.

It's a similar story at Borgstena Dumpertransport, which has an R 930. "Eight days of work on a full tank", as the driver Anders Bjelkenberg customer explains. With fuel consumption of 11 litres per hour, the machine is efficient and cost-effective and boasts extremely smooth hydraulics.

The R 924 purchased by Granaths is perfectly suited to the company's diverse earthmoving, digging and pipework operations. For Kristoffer Granath, the machine is versatile, fast and precise.

Equipped with the "positive control hydraulic" system, generation 8 excavators have been optimised for smooth combined movement and improved overall performance.

It was the R 930 excavator's smooth movement, not to mention fuel consumption of around 14 l/h, that won over Skultorps.

Maximum comfort and top-level service

The operator benefits from a spacious and comfortable work area in all working conditions. Generation 8 machines offer real operator comfort thanks to reduced vibration and a low noise level. For easy day-to-day operations, the cab is equipped with an airsprung seat with vertical and longitudinal damping.

Fodio Entreprenad has been impressed with the R 924's performance, as well as its low external noise emissions. "We no longer have people complaining about the noise from the machinery, and that's a big plus in terms of my work!", explains David Lif, driver and manager.

On top of all this, these customers and operators really value Liebherr's after-sales service. Liebherr-Sverige AB aims to satisfy all customer requirements by offering a fast, personalised service.

A stable, well-designed machine

Ma Shakt, which also opted for an R 930, has found that the machine's proportions offer optimal stability in any conditions.

Design is no less important than technical performance. Looks played a major part in the decisions of all these customers.

The Swedish market is a key market which is constantly changing. Since last year, sales of Liebherr excavators have doubled in Sweden. Sweden represents an ideal market for Liebherr, which is proud to supply its products to highly qualified operators that often drive innovation and progress within the sector.


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