News | 01/30/2018 Liebherr with innovative appliances at the leading trade fairs for the hotel and gastronomy sector

Liebherr showcases current product highlights in Stuttgart and Hamburg at the two most important leading trade fairs for the hotel and gastronomy sector.

One of the focal points at the Liebherr exhibition stand is the topic "SmartMonitoring", an innovative solution for monitoring professional fridges and freezers. Customers record and save temperatures, alarm messages, and operating data of the appliances via the SmartMonitoring dashboard. More specifically digital products provide greater safety and comfort as in the future customers will be able to access their appliance data at any time and from any location. In the case of undesired temperature deviations the temperature or door alarm are not only acoustically and visually displayed, but the customer and other individuals are informed on the dashboard and by e-mail. In addition, with SmartAlarm temperature deviations can be detected early and rectified in good time before any major damage occurs. RemoteSupport helps save time and costs as the Liebherr customer service team can connect to the appliances with remote access in order to carry out the desired settings and analyses.

Liebherr presents another highlight in the form of an online configurator, with which a fridge can be individually designed and structured based on a small fridge. The online configurator gives the customer the option of freely selecting and combining housing colors, materials, or also the entire interior equipment, among other things. The customer can also choose from a variety of images and motifs to be placed on the appliance.

The new display and bottle refrigerators in the FKDv series with increased efficiency are also impressive. With greater internal space the appliances offer significantly more room and are also characterized by practical equipment features, such as separate LED interior lighting or the height-adjustable racks. These versatile additional benefits arouse the interest of many current and potential customers and are therefore a strong selling point. Another highlight is the commercial fridge GKv 6460 in the BlackSteel design with an easy-to-clean SmartSteel surface. Appliances from the Liebherr wine cabinet range round off our exhibition offer.