Press releases | 05/11/2015 Liebherr wheel loaders at Ligna 2015: Customised solutions for the timber industry

  • Liebherr L 514 and L 556 Stage IIIB / Tier 4i wheel loaders at Ligna 2015
  • Liebherr becomes a full-line supplier for the timber industry
  • Parallel and industrial linkage, a range of attachments and equipment options specifically designed for businesses in the timber industry

At Ligna 2015, Liebherr presents the L 514 and L 556 wheel loaders, two machines from its timber industry portfolio. Liebherr is offering a variety of equipment options specifically developed for businesses in the timber industry – for example, various attachments for handling logs and other biomass, and an optimised cooling system for dust-intensive applications. The Liebherr exhibits show that the company has evolved in recent years into a full-line supplier for the timber industry.

Many companies in the timber industry rely on Liebherr stereo loaders. The agile machines demonstrate their flexibility in coping with a wide variety of applications in the timber industry.

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Liebherr L 556 wheel loader with industrial lift arm handling biomass. The industrial lift arm offers many benefits: A higher torque in the upper range and movement of the load over the entire lifting range without the need for readjustment.

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At the leading trade fair for the woodworking industry, Lieberr is exhibiting the versatile L 514 wheel loader with parallel linkage and a 2.5 cubic metre light material bucket, together with the powerful L 556 wheel loader with industrial linkage and an 8.5 cubic metre high-dump bucket. Both versions are particularly suited to handling biomass, such as wood chips, wood pellets or wood shavings. Liebherr wheel loaders are also deployed by businesses for handling logs and other wood products. Powerful Stage IIIB / Tier 4i diesel engines drive the L 514 (77 kW / 105 HP) and the L 556 (140 kW / 191 HP). They offer the operator power and agility for fast work cycles, for example at saw mills or biomass power plants.

Full power for handling heavy loads

The high tipping load of the Liebherr wheel loader is a real asset when handling heavy logs. There is no need here for unnecessary counterweights due to the intelligent solutions provided by the company's designers: In the L 556, the engine is mounted lengthways in the rear of the wheel loader. This unique and compact design means that the diesel engine and the variable displacement pump counterbalance each other. The centre of gravity shifts to the rear of the machine. The 30 degrees angle of articulation on the L 514, 10 degrees less than with conventional models, allows a greater tipping load. The tipping load of the L 556, on display at Ligna 2015, is an impressive 10,200 kg at an operating weight of 20,000 kg. The L 514, weighing 9,180 kilogrammes, has a tipping load of 4,800 kilogrammes. Businesses can benefit from this balance of operating weight and tipping load as handling capacity increases per operating hour. Productivity increases with usage in the timber industry.

Liebherr offers powerful lift arms using parallel and industrial linkage for demanding applications in the timber industry. Both versions can be examined up close at Ligna 2015. Parallel linkage is available on request, and at no additional cost, for all Liebherr wheel loaders from L 514 to L 542. Industrial linkage is a version of parallel linkage with a tilt cylinder in the middle. It is available for all machines from L 550 to L 580. With parallel and industrial linkage, the power is directed into the equipment in parallel to the lift arm. They have significantly higher leverage in the upper range with the benefit that loads can be moved across the entire lifting range without adjustment. Heavy equipment with parallel and industrial linkage, for example high dump buckets, light buckets with a high holding capacity or wood tongs, is often used for handling logs.

Efficient solutions for the timber industry

Businesses in the woodworking and forestry industry can configure Liebherr wheel loaders to their specific requirements with a variety of equipment options. The L 556 exhibited at Ligna 2015 is equipped with fluff trap, reversible fan drive and the TOP AIR pre-filter. These options protect the wheel loader in dust-filled environments, for example, in a saw mill. The fluff trap eliminates coarser wood particles and helps prevent the radiator fins from rapidly becoming blocked. Based on the direction of rotation, the reversible fan blows wood dust and wood shavings out of the radiator and cleans the cooling system. The TOP AIR pre-filter cleans the air before it is taken in by the engine. This protects the air filter. Liebherr attaches the cooling system immediately behind the operator's cab. This is the cleanest location on the wheel loader. The cooling system is thus able to take in air which is free of dust. This safety measure reduces cleaning and maintenance costs for businesses whilst increasing the availability of the machine. In addition, Liebherr offers specific grippers and buckets for the timber sector, alongside other special solutions such as the Liebherr LogHandler.

Liebherr has stayed true to its principles as regards the drive. As with all Liebherr wheel loaders, the L 556 is driven hydrostatically, which represents a real asset in terms of efficiency: Under the same working conditions, Liebherr wheel loaders consume up to 25 percent less fuel per operating hour. The hydraulic braking action of the drive reduces brake wear to a minimum and the continuous traction control lessens tyre wear. The hydrostatic drive helps decrease business, service and maintenance costs. The Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system developed by Liebherr also lowers fuel consumption for the L 556. LPE ensures the perfect interaction of all work and travel processes. The system achieves the highest possible efficiency level from all components by proactively intervening in engine control, enhancing engine speed and adjusting the pivot angle of the hydraulic pump.

The Liebherr stereo concept for more agility in the saw mill

A shortage of space presents a challenge for both man and machine in many businesses. A large number of businesses in the timber sector thus rely on the stereo loader from Liebherr - such as the L 514, which Liebherr is exhibiting at Ligna 2015. The agile wheel loader plays to its strengths in confined spaces and narrow and winding thoroughfares: The operator is able to handle wood pellets or wood shavings without any problem in the tightest of spaces. The Liebherr stereo concept is a key factor in the agility of the L 514. The machine also operates productively when space is limited.

Stereo steering was launched by Liebherr in 1994 and has been constantly redeveloped right up to the present. The stereo steering combines centre pivot steering with a steered rear axle. It has a turning circle up to 20 percent smaller than that of other wheel loaders of the same size class. Measured from the outer edge of the equipment, this gives a potential saving of up to half a metre. The sophisticated steering system has enabled Liebherr designers to reduce the angle of articulation of the machine by 10 degrees. The reduced angle of articulation not only increases the tippling load - it also improves stability and security against tipping.


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