Press releases | 11/24/2015 Liebherr wheel loader L 550 displayed at Excon 2015: Increased productivity at construction site

  • L 550 as example of Liebherr’s wheel loader product range for the Indian market
  • Up to 25 percent less fuel consumption thanks to hydrostatic driveline
  • High tipping loads of Liebherr wheel loaders increase productivity at the job site

At Excon 2015, Liebherr is exhibiting the wheel loader L 550, an example of its expanding wheel loader product range for the Indian market. Due to the hydrostatic driveline, the L 550 is – like all Liebherr wheel loaders – very fuel efficient, consuming up to 25 percent less fuel compared with conventional wheel loaders under the same conditions. The high tipping load of the machine increases the productivity at work, because larger buckets can be used to handle more material with each loading cycle.

The Liebherr wheel loader L 550 on display is powered by a 147 kW / 200 HP diesel engine. Its exhaust emissions are below the limits in Stage IIIA / Tier 3. Equipped with a 4.5m³ light material bucket with bolt-on cutting edge, the machine achieves a tipping load of 11,300kg at an operating weight of 17,800kg.

Based on decades of experience in producing and developing wheel loaders, Liebherr manufactures wheel loaders for the Indian market in Dalian, P. R. China, in close cooperation with the wheel loader competence centre in Bischofshofen, Austria. Liebherr’s wheel loaders for the Indian market are high-performing machines: Designed according to the company’s high quality standards, Liebherr wheel loaders operate reliably – even in the toughest conditions.

Liebherr realises unique economy with its hydrostatic driveline

Businesses and private customers actively save money by working with Liebherr wheel loaders. Due to the hydrostatic driveline, Liebherr wheel loaders, such as the L 550 displayed at Excon, consume up to 25 per cent less fuel than similar models from other manufacturers. As a result, Liebherr machines use resources more efficiently than other conventional wheel loaders – their economy is unique. Reduced fuel consumption also means lower emissions; the L 550 complies with the emission regulations required in India.

However, Liebherr wheel loaders are not only easy on the purse in terms of their fuel efficiency. The hydraulic braking action of the driveline minimizes brake wear. Continuous tractive force regulation reduces tyre wear by up to 25 percent. Reduced brake and tyre wear lead to a more sustainable use of resources. As a result, the hydrostatic driveline helps to decrease business, service and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the driveline allows continuous regulation of acceleration in all speed ranges without noticeable gear shifting or interruption in tractive force.

Intelligent design enables high tipping load

For increasing productivity at construction site, engineers developed a clever solution during the installation of the engine: Liebherr installs the engines in the rear of the machine, transverse in the L 550 with the output shaft facing backwards. In this unique way, the compact design means that the diesel engine and the variable displacement pump counterbalance each other. The centre of gravity shifts to the rear of the machine. Liebherr does away with additional ballast and achieves lower operating weights and higher tipping load potential.

The tipping load of the L 550 displayed at Excon 2015, which has an operating weight of 17,800kg, amounts to formidable 11,300kg. Businesses can benefit from this balance of operating weight and tipping load as handling capacity increases per operating hour. Productivity increases with usage, because larger buckets can be attached.

The exhibit is equipped with Z-kinematics. It is the most common linkage for wheel loaders and it is available for all Liebherr wheel loaders. At Z-kinematics, the torque is transmitted from the tilt cylinder via a reversing lever and connecting link to the equipment. As a result, the wheel loader has high torque in the digging position, which is for example ideal for extraction work.