Press releases | 04/08/2019 Liebherr unveils slewing drive units

  • Liebherr is expanding its bearing portfolio with slewing drive units
  • New product line contains worm slewing drive units, spur gear slewing drive units and belt slewing drive units
  • The new slewing drive units are available from now on

Liebherr Components is presenting a new line of slewing drive units at this year's Bauma, thus expanding its existing bearing portfolio. Maximum torque and easy servicing are the top priorities. The new product line includes worm slewing drive units, spur gear slewing drive units and belt slewing drive units.

Liebherr’s new slewing drive units.

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Worm slewing drive units from Liebherr are ultra-compact slewing drive units with high power density. This design is particularly suitable for the transmission of extremely high forces and torques within a limited installation space. The worm drives find use in steering gear units for the running gear of crane and heavy duty vehicles, as well as in construction, forestry and agricultural machinery. Specifically for these applications, Liebherr is continuously refining the products to maximise torque transmission and to reduce maintenance costs as far as possible.

New product group: Characteristics and innovations

Slewing drive units are driven by a hydraulic or electric motor. Worm slewing drive units combine slewing bearings with a drive worm. The worm gearing allows the torque to be transmitted to the slewing ring also with an optional backlash reduction. Liebherr offers worm gear driven units with raceway diameters of up to 725 millimetres. Slewing drive units are available with one or more drives and with single or double-start worm shafts. In all versions, a brake or a position sensing unit can be optionally adapted. Lubrication can be carried out with grease or oil.

The spur gear slewing drive units are usually moved by one or more pinions, which are supported by bearings. This type of slewing drive unit is characterised by a fast rotation speed with low heat development. This design is a perfect combination of slewing bearings and drives.

The belt slewing drive unit is ideal for high circumferential speeds and features a high degree of efficiency with particularly low-noise operation.

To enable the application of the component in ambient conditions with low temperatures, Liebherr uses special materials.

With this new product line, Liebherr further expands the range of components, relying on its vast experience in the manufacturing of large slewing bearings and drive technology. Liebherr’s innovative team, responsible for the development and production of these slewing drive units, continuously works to meet the needs of the customers and to further develop the products.


Here you will find the press release and images for download.

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