Press releases | 01/16/2024 Liebherr unveils new wine tempering fridges

from March* on Liebherr-Hausgeräte is launching a range of new wine tempering fridges: Store fine wines at exactly the right temperature in the ten* new models to guarantee utmost enjoyment and authentic taste. The wine will also be a feast for the eyes thanks to the elegant design and lighting that shows off bottles to full effect.

The ultimate enjoyment begins with the optimal temperature – and the new Liebherr wine tempering fridges ensure the temperature is just right. With two or three temperature zones that can be individually and accurately adjusted to the degree from +5 °C to +20 °C, they offer maximum flexibility of use. The fridge is kept constantly at the selected temperature, which is displayed permanently as the actual temperature. That means that red wines, white wines and champagnes can all be stored at the same time and at their ideal temperatures in one single appliance thanks to the three temperature zones. With their temperature zones of different sizes and temperature settings that offer complete flexibility, these appliances are perfect for each individual wine collection. They are available in the Vinidor and Vinidor Selection series.

All new Liebherr wine tempering fridges are equipped with VibrateSafe and ensure low-vibration storage for wine. They also come with a FreshAir filter in the zone separator, which also gives you a reminder when it’s time for it to be replaced. For long-term storage of wines, appliances in the Vinidor Selection series have the StorageZone in the lower section. With HumidityControl, the humidity here can be regulated to your preferences in 5 % increments between 50 % and 80 % relative humidity. The water tray included can be filled to help regulate the humidity in the StorageZone. It is simply clipped under the racks and does not reduce the bottle capacity of the appliances.

Best-in-class energy efficiency

In addition to the optimal storage conditions for the fine tipples, the focus is also on energy efficiency. The Liebherr wine tempering fridges are among the most energy-efficient in their class. While most tempering fridges on the market are in energy efficiency class G according to the European energy label, the new Liebherr wine tempering fridges with glass doors are in energy efficiency class F and those with a solid door are in the even more efficient class E.

A feast for the eyes

Alongside first-class technical credentials, Liebherr domestic appliances also come with an elegant appearance. The new wine tempering fridge series includes two models with SmartSteel doors, five* models with GlassBlack doors and three models with BlackSteel doors. The glass doors have triple UV and safety glazing (UVProtect Plus). Another highlight is the LightTower interior lights on both sides and dimmable presentation light, providing a unique mood and an ideal view of the wines. This feature allows you to skilfully show off your wines – even when the door is closed. The attractive BlackSteel look extends beyond just the outside of the appliance for all models in the Vinidor Selection series. The rear panel is also made of the striking black stainless steel to provide an attractive background for any wine collection.

Vinidor Selection models impress with a recessed vertical grip all the way down so that they can be ergonomically and comfortably opened from any position. Models with the optically discreet grip fit particularly harmoniously into handle-free kitchens and living-dining areas. In all models, the slimline handle with integrated opening mechanism allows the appliance doors to be opened with minimum effort – even several times consecutively. The ergonomic form and pleasant feel of the material are both attractive and functional.

Inside the Vinidor Selection wine tempering fridges, FlexFit wooden racks ensure that wine bottles of almost any size and shape are stored safely. The adjustable wooden bars can be individually positioned in the frame. The wooden bars can be fitted as accessories for Vinidor models with plastic shelves in the zone separator.

Highlight for sommeliers

The top model in the Vinidor Selection series also comes with an absolute treat: the sommelier board. It has space to show off everything you need for decanting. The high-quality board made of natural beechwood features a stainless-steel bottle presenter, a wooden box for decanting utensils and a space for tempering wine glasses for that extra-special enjoyment.

TempProtect Plus provides double protection for the temperature in the wine fridges, which is continuously measured by two temperature sensors thanks to this function. This protects wines from temperature fluctuations as an alert is sent as soon as even just one of the sensors detects a critical change in temperature. For additional security, a door and power failure alarm will issue an alert both audibly and visually on the display, via illumination and push message thanks to SmartDevice. The Liebherr SmartDeviceBox is included, depending on the model equipment, or can be easily retrofitted to allow the wine tempering fridge to be easily controlled by smartphone. For instance settings, such as lighting, can be changed and status information looked up.

The new Liebherr wine tempering fridges are available in versions between 145 cm and 200 cm appliance height, and 60 cm or 70 cm width. They will be available for delivery from March 2024* on.

*Number of models and availability can vary from country to country


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