Press releases | 01/19/2016 Liebherr unveils new L1 series of hydraulic fast-erecting cranes

  • Initial premiere in March 2016 to Liebherr dealers
  • Market launch will start in Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Switzerland
  • Draw for an L1-24 hydraulic fast-erecting crane

Liebherr has developed a new series of hydraulic fast-erecting cranes which will be unveiled to Liebherr partners in Europe at an initial premiere event in March 2016. This smallest series of bottom-slewing cranes will bear the type designation L1.

The altered series designation reflects the basic technical and design reworking of Liebherr's hydraulic fast-erecting cranes. The name L1 was based on the first crane made by company founder Hans Liebherr in 1949.

The new L1 series combines innovative technology with a clear, modern design. The result is a powerful fast-erecting crane which delivers improved ergonomics, excellent access for erection and maintenance work and a modern, attractive design.

This is a new series of highly functional Liebherr cranes which delivers major benefits to building contractors due to its particular economy. The L1 hydraulic fast-erecting cranes combine power and compact dimensions with maximum safety. After the market launch the existing H series of cranes will gradually be replaced.

Moves heavy loads without taking up too much space

The first crane in the new series, the Liebherr L1-24, is available with a radius of either 25m or 27m and a maximum load capacity of 2,500kg. There are two ballast versions available – simple standard concrete ballast or full steel ballast which can be carried on the crane. This means that the operator has no additional transport or erection costs.

With a slewing radius of just 1.9m, the new hydraulic fast-erecting crane from Liebherr is extremely adaptable on constricted sites. Thanks to the flexible support base, the crane's footprint can be reduced to less than 4 metres. This means that there is often no need to close roads.

Its control equipment makes the Liebherr L1 easy to operate and safe to drive. The crane driver has several support functions such as Micromove fine positioning mode, oscillation damping and the operating range limiting system to help him with his work. These all enhance site safety.

Market launch in stages

Liebherr unveiled the new crane to its dealers for the first time in October 2015 at its Spanish manufacturing plant in Pamplona. The new bottom-slewing crane will be launched in stages, starting in Central Europe.

Liebherr dealers in Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Switzerland will present the new bottom-slewing crane to the public for the first time on 11 March 2016. Building contractors and other potential customers can acquire more information about the new hydraulic fast-erecting crane at a total of 40 sites on this L1 Crane Day. An L1-24 will be erected at all participating dealers. A draw for a new L1-24 will also be made during the market launch.

Liebherr will unveil the new series of hydraulic fast-erecting cranes to the wider public for the first time at the Bauma 2016. The main prize of the Crane Day competition, a new Liebherr L1-24 fast-erecting crane will also be awarded during the event. Tower crane operators from Germany can enter the draw by registering for the Liebherr partner event online at and being present at one of the participating Liebherr dealers on 11 March 2016.

Max. radius 25.0m 27.0m
Max. lifting capacity 2,500kg 2,500kg
Max. lifting capacity at the jib head 950kg 800kg
Hook height 19.0m 19.2m
Hook height at 10° 21.8m 22.2m
Max. lifting capacity at the jib head at 10° 950kg 800kg
Hook height at 20° 25.7m 26.5m
Lifting capacity (constant) at 20° 900kg 750kg