News | 06/30/2020 Liebherr ultra-light air conditioning units on board new maglev train

Liebherr’s ultra-light air conditioning units meet the most challenging market requirements.

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems has supplied Max Bögl with ultra-light MACS 8.0 air-conditioning units, which have been installed in Max Bögl’s new maglev urban transportation system TSB.

At the beginning of June 2020, Max Bögl handed over the first serial vehicle to the Xinzhu Road and Bridge Machinery Company based in Chengdu. The train operates at up to 160 km/h and demonstrates the many advantages of TSB urban maglev technology to the Chinese market.

MACS 8.0 stands for “Modular Air Conditioning System” and has been developed and produced by Liebherr. It enables flexible integration by arranging the modules according to the individual car design and the required cooling power demand. MACS 8.0 thus responds to the most challenging market requirements of the modern railway industry.

Predestined for LRV, Metro and Commuter Rail, this air conditioning technology guarantees maximum efficiency with a 70% increase in cooling power density compared to existing HVAC units combined with up to 8% less power consumption during a typical season cycle.

This innovative cooling technology has been brought to series-production readiness after ambitious development and testing at Liebherr-Transportation Systems. In the future, the Liebherr MACS 8.0 air conditioning units will be also engineered and manufactured locally at Liebherr’s new production site in Pinghu (Zhejiang Province), especially for the demand of the local Chinese market.