Press releases | 01/22/2015 Liebherr Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 37 Z4 XXT with Innovative Outrigger System at the Intermat 2015

  • Torsional-resistant boom
  • Patented outrigger system
  • Easy to maintain

Liebherr will display the truck-mounted concrete pump 37 Z4 XXT at the Intermat 2015 in Paris. Configured in four sections, the 37 meter distributor boom in Z-fold design is extremely torsionally-resistant, and consequently exhibits low-vibration boom movements on the building site.

The Liebherr truck-mounted concrete pump 37 Z4 XXT during operation

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The concrete pipeline on the Liebherr truck-mounted concrete pump 37 Z4 XXT is configured close to the boom on the left and right-hand sides, guaranteeing a balanced weight distribution. The pipe bends of the concrete pipeline feature a large radius of 275 mm ensuring minimal losses in pressure over the length of the distributor boom. To minimise the necessity of stockpiling different wear parts, Liebherr predominantly use pipe bends of the same type. Numerous special design details facilitate the replacement of wear parts and optimise servicing.

The outrigger system: flexible and stable

The patented XXT-narrow support from Liebherr is extremely sturdy and torsionally-resistant. Liebherr is the only manufacturer on the market to offer this innovative system. The front and rear outriggers are secured directly to the boom pedestal of the distributor boom, whereby the forces are channelled directly into the supports from the boom, without deviation. All four outriggers are pivot-mounted, allowing maximum flexibility and a particularly extensive working range of the distributor boom with narrow supports. This can prove to be a decisive advantage on building sites with restricted access.

The pump unit: particular smooth running

The truck-mounted concrete pump 37 Z4 XXT is equipped with high-performance pump units in three different output sizes, in accordance with respective customer requirements. Liebherr offer pump units featuring maximum flow rates of 125 m³/h, 138 m³/h and 163 m³/h. These powerful Liebherr pump units are renowned for their distinctive smooth running. Smooth changeover of the S-pipe is facilitated by the hydraulic cylinder with end-of-stroke damping.

Chassis from various truck manufacturers may be selected by the customer as an underbody for the truck-mounted concrete pump.

Liebherr offers an extensive range of optional accessories and equipment for the 37 Z4 XXT. This includes for example, extra storage compartments, an additional diesel tank or an auxiliary access point on the left-hand side to suit all respective customer requirements. A magnetic rotating beacon ensures extra safety and a pneumatic end hose pinch valve prevents continued discharge of the concrete when repositioning the boom.

The sturdy and durable concrete pumps from Liebherr are developed and produced in Germany and are equipped exclusively with quality components from renowned manufacturers.

As well as the Z-fold boom design, the truck-mounted concrete pump featuring a reach of 37m is also available with a rolled fold boom design. Liebherr also offer the XXH- and ST-supports as an alternative to the XXT-narrow support.


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