News | 09/09/2015 Liebherr-Transportation Systems wins service contract with CFTA Rhone

Liebherr-Transportation Systems GmbH & Co KG in Korneuburg (Austria)

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After performing a trial on a pilot train, Liebherr-Transportation Systems will clean the entire air distribution networks ‒ including the air conditioning units and all ducts used for heating and cooling ‒ of CFTA Rhone’s Tango-Lyon-type trams. CFTA Rhone, a French Transdev subsidiary, operates a fleet of six of these trams in Lyon (France).

The cleaning process, which Liebherr developed specifically for air distribution networks in rail verhicles, will be carried out by the company’s certified technicians. Proud of this first contract with CFTA Rhone, Liebherr will contribute its extensive know-how and Support the operator in increasing the air quality and passenger comfort on board its trams.