News | 07/05/2019 Liebherr-Transportation Systems Receives 2019 Silver Corporate Social Responsibility Rating from Ecovadis

Liebherr-Transportation Systems’ facility in Korneuburg (Austria)

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The world's leading provider for sustainability ratings, Ecovadis, awarded Liebherr-Transportation Systems GmbH & Co KG, Korneuburg (Austria) an overall score of 58 on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment report in 2019.

The guidelines for the report are very strict and the score achieved not only placed Liebherr on the top 86th percentile within its industry, but it also qualified them for the Silver medal. The result of this assessment is a further recognition of the effort that the company places on best practices in the four areas being evaluated – Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

“Corporate Social Responsibility has become more critical in recent years and only companies that integrate social values into their operations will succeed on a global scale. Liebherr-Transportation Systems understands that being committed to sustainable and ethical business practices is not just the right thing to do, or even the nice thing to do, it is the only way to move forward”, commented the Management.

Liebherr recognizes that Corporate Social Responsibility needs to be at the center stage of business planning. The countless benefits extend well beyond the environment – CSR affects brand image, contributes to a happier and more engaged workforce, and it can even increase productivity while reducing costs.

The report from Ecovadis is only the first step towards further implementation of policies that will continuously improve the company's environmental and social footprint - from watching waste volume, employee and customer safety, labor and human rights to anti-corruption policies.

The third party assessment consisted of a 6-step extensive process that combined data gathered from Liebherr via questionnaires, but it also included public information identified via thousands of data sources, culminating with a thorough analysis by Ecovadis' experts. The result is a unified scorecard ranking the company within its industry. The scorecard also serves as a tool to better understand, track and improve global environmental, social and ethical performance.