News | 10/28/2015 Liebherr-Transportation Systems provides battery cooling systems for lithium-ion batteries used in electric buses in Berlin and Braunschweig

E-buses operated in Berlin and Braunschweig will have Liebherr technology on board

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems was selected by Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Mannheim (Germany), to deliver a total of nine thermal conditioning units for lithium-ion batteries used in the innovative PRIMOVE® drive system.

Electric buses from the Polish manufacturer Solaris operate with these batteries. The Urbino electric buses travel on route 204 in the Berlin city center between the “Zoologischer Garten” train station, Hertzallee, and Südkreuz, as well as on the M19 bus route between Braunschweiger Hauptbahnhof and Campestrasse.

Four of the battery cooling systems developed and manufactured by Liebherr are used in Berlin, and five in Braunschweig.

The cooling systems ensure that the lithium-ion batteries are operated under optimum thermal conditions. This improves both the operating conditions and lifetime of the batteries.

The lithium-ion battery being cooled is a permanently installed component in PRIMOVE®, the newly developed inductive battery charging system from Bombardier. This system allows you to charge the traction battery with a charging device at certain breakpoints within a few minutes without interrupting the driving operation.

The environmentally friendly system using Liebherr technology will help to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of urban transport and provide passengers with a quiet ride through city centers.