News | 11/05/2014 Liebherr to Supply Engine Bleed Air System for the Airbus A330neo

Pressure regulating valve by Liebherr-Aerospace for the A330neo Program

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Airbus has selected Liebherr-Aerospace to supply the bleed air system with electro-pneumatic technology of the new generation for the A330neo program. The system features compact, light-weight and highly reliable valves as well as a pre-cooler with integrated controls. It benefits from Liebherr’s experience in bleed air systems gained through various projects for a wide range of commercial aircraft, in particular such Airbus aircraft as the A320neo and the A380. The system, which will enable a substantial reduction in operating costs and a significant increase in reliability, will be developed, qualified and manufactured in Toulouse (France) by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS.

The first A330neo is due to be delivered in 2017. Liebherr already supplies several key systems and components for the current Airbus long range program, e.g. high lift actuation, spoiler and rudder actuation, as well as air conditioning. The A330neo bleed contract contributes to the further consolidation of Liebherr’s partnership with Airbus.