News | 03/29/2017 Liebherr to supply active yaw damper systems for Vectron locomotives

Liebherr technology reduces wheel wear on Vectron locomotives. - © Siemens

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems was recently commissioned by Siemens AG (Deutschland) to supply 30 active yaw damper systems that will be installed in the bogies of Vectron-type locomotives. Deliveries will begin this year.

This order from Siemens represents the first serial use of active yaw dampers for locomotives.

The active yaw damper is a compact, fully closed, maintenance-free hydraulic system with a cylinder, position sensor, pump, valves and oil reservoir with a sophisticated electronic control system.

As well as performing the function of a conventional yaw damper, it is also an actuator that allows the respective bogie to be positioned actively and precisely. When locomotives travel on narrow curves, the active yaw damper considerably reduces the forces occurring between the wheels and the rail, which in turn reduces wear. Maintenance costs for wheels and rails are significantly minimized and the tractive power of locomotives has been proven to increase.