News | 08/21/2017 Liebherr to provide the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) with a more efficient fresh air control system for FLEXITY low-floor trams

Liebherr provides passengers of low-floor FLEXITY trams in Berlin with fresh air - © Bombardier

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The Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) recently ordered the delivery and installation of 372 retrofit kits in low-floor trams – this comes after Liebherr-Transportation Systems had installed an occupancy-dependent fresh air control system in a five-section FLEXITY* series vehicle and successfully tested the technology for one year.

An additional 68 vehicles will be outfitted directly at the factory by Bombardier Transportation.

The new type of system regulates fresh air intake into passenger compartments based on the occupancy level, i.e. the number of passengers on board the vehicle.

The advantage to the operator: The occupancy-dependent fresh air control system can significantly reduce the annual energy consumption of air conditioning systems in the vehicle (by up to 30%). This plays a key role in improving the economic efficiency of the FLEXITY fleet.

BVG’s order confirms Liebherr-Transportation Systems expertise when it comes to optimizing the energy consumption of vehicles already in operation.

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