Press releases | 04/08/2019 Liebherr to present material handling innovations at Bauma 2019 for port operation

  • Prototype of the LH 110 C Gantry Port with electric drive
  • Machines designed especially for bulk handling and unit load handling

At Bauma 2019 Liebherr will present two material handling machines for its Port range: the LH 40 M Port and the LH 110 C Gantry Port with electric drive. The LH 40 Port is the smallest model of its range and has an operating weight of between 41 and 45 tonnes. At the Bauma it will be displayed with a mobile undercarriage and in version of emission standard V. The LH 110 C Gantry Port achieves an operating weight of between 120 and 140 tonnes and is equipped with a low-emission electric engine.

The equipment of the Liebherr material-handling machine LH 40 M Port is weight optimized and designed especially for bulk and unit load handling.

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Thanks to the modular design of the LH 110 C Gantry Port by Liebherr, the customer can choose a passage width of the Gantry portal under carriage of between 4.5 to 9.0 m.

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Both material handling machines presented by Liebherr at Bauma 2019 are equipped for fast and economic bulk- and unit load handling. The equipment is weight-optimized particularly for handling these goods, which ensures a high load capacity. In order to cover a broad working area Liebherr offers for every machine numerous equipment varieties: The LH 40 has a reach of between 12 and 19 meters, the LH 110 has a working range of between 18 and 28 meters. The patented energy recovery system (ERC system) is part of the standard equipment on both machines. It increases the system performance and enables at the same time fuel savings of up to 30 %.

The new LH 40 M Port for port handling

With the LH 40 M Port Liebherr adds the fifth model to its product range of the Port division. Weighing between 41 and 45 tonnes, the material handling machine achieves an engine output of 155 kW / 211 HP and is equipped with the Diesel engine D 934. Thanks to the ERC system, the LH 40 M Port achieves an overall performance of 233 kW. Therefore, the machine achieves a handling capacity of up to 400 tonnes per hour.

An equipment highlight of the LH 40 M Port at Bauma will be the prototype of the new, intuitive operating concept INTUSI. This system will revolutionize the communication between and with machines in the future. Visitors can experience this cooperation of man and machine at shows taking place several times daily. Moreover, the further configuration of the show exhibit comprises a boom of 10.6 m length and a straight stick of 7.7 m length with hydraulic quick coupling system. Standard equipment also includes the Liebherr grapple GMZ 40 for bulk material with a load capacity of 2.0 m³. With the last mentioned grapple, Liebherr showcases the new range. The flow rate optimized mechanics of the new range increases opening and closing speed of the tines and thus ergonomics during operation.

Thanks to an optimized weight distribution between upper carriage, under carriage and equipment the LH 40 M Port convinces by high stability and guarantees precise work as well as maximum handling capacity.

The machine observes the emission standard regulation V by the SCRFilter system developed by Liebherr. This includes a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst, a SCR catalytic converter and a SCR coated particulate filter recovering passively.

The LH 110 C Gantry Port with electronic drive

The material handling machine LH 110 C Port with electronic drive impresses with its extensive performance and sets new standards in terms of efficiency. With the electric engine of 300 kW, and the ERC system the machine achieves a total system performance of 478 kW. Thus, in combination with the fast and dynamic rotary motions the machine is able to handle up to 1.000 tonnes material per hour. The environmentally friendly material handling machine with electric drive is also characterized by low-maintenance, low-noise, and is free from emission standard regulations.

The new Gantry portal under carriage enables a fast and efficient loading and discharge of the passing through trucks or carriages. Thanks to the modular design, the customer can choose a passage width between 4.5 and 9.0 meters and a vertical clearance between 5.0 and 6.5 meters. At the customer’s disposal are for the under carriage of this electric machine different connection possibilities like trailing cable or winding system, which guarantees the necessary mobility of this machine. During development of the new Gantry undercarriage, the focus was laid on low maintenance. This could be realized thanks to optimized access to the maintenance points.

The machine is equipped with a bent boom of 14.5 m, a straight stick of 13.5 m as well as the fully automatic quick coupling system MH 110B. The machine is completed by the bulk material grapple GMZ 120 with a capacity of 4.5 m³ and by the Liebherr wood grapple GMH 120 with a grapple surface of 3.2 m². By means of the quick coupling system MH 110B the grapple can be changed in a matter of seconds comfortably and securely from the cabin. A further highlight of this exhibit is the double joint cabin hydraulically adjustable in height and to the front equipped with sliding door for comfortable access. Thanks to the flexible eye point, the machine Operator always has perfect sight at the working area. This increases the productivity of the machine significantly.


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