Press releases | 04/25/2017 Liebherr to present high-performance wheel loaders for versatile applications at Smopyc 2017

  • Liebherr and authorised dealer Emsa to present three wheel loader models
  • L 526 represents the new, exceptionally robust generation of mid-sized wheel loaders
  • L 566 XPower® and L 576 XPower® combine ultimate efficiency with 30 per cent less fuel consumption

Together with its authorised dealer Emsa, Liebherr will present two models from the XPower® generation of wheel loaders plus an all-round mid-sized wheel loader at this year’s Smopyc trade fair. When it comes to bulk material loading, construction waste recycling or timber handling, Liebherr can offer the right wheel loader for every application with excellent versatility of use. From the large-sized range, Liebherr will present the L 566 XPower® at its own stand with an L 576 XPower® presented at the booth of Liebherr dealer Emsa’s stand. All-round mid-sized wheel loaders will be represented by the L 526, which will also be at Emsa’s stand. Investments specifically focused on improving robustness and durability enhance the appeal of the new mid-sized wheel loaders as versatile all-round machines.

L 566 XPower® and L 576 XPower®: robust, powerful and comfortable

From a total of six XPower® wheel loader models, Liebherr will present the L 566 XPower® and the L 576 XPower® at Smopyc 2017, with the latter being exhibited at Liebherr dealer Emsa’s stand.

Powered by a 200kW / 272HP engine, the L 566 XPower® boasts Z-bar linkage as well as a backfill bucket with a capacity of 4.2m³. The ultimate choice for standard applications, the reinforced and revised Z-bar linkage offers up to 20 per cent more tear-out force when compared to the previous generation. The machine Emsa will be exhibiting is an L 576 XPower®. Boasting a 215kW / 292HP diesel engine, this machine is equipped with Z-bar linkage as well as a backfill bucket with a capacity of 4.7m³.

The XPower® series of wheel loaders is a milestone in the technological history of Liebherr wheel loaders. At the heart of the XPower® wheel loaders is the power-split, Stage IV / Tier 4f compliant XPower® driveline, now provided by Liebherr as standard on these machines. It combines a hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for short loading cycles, with a mechanical drive, which in turn shows its benefits when covering long distances. This combination provides for optimal efficiency and outstanding levels of fuel saving: up to 30 per cent when compared to wheel loaders of the same size. Since February 2017, fuel consumption figures for all XPower® wheel loaders in operation have been available to retrieve via the Liebherr fuel-saving calculator. This is an online app available free of charge from These consumption figures are live data. They are continuously updated and demonstrate the outstanding efficiency of the XPower® wheel loaders in detail.

Subjected to extensive testing, the Liebherr XPower® driveline is a true synonym for robustness with power released as a result of an interaction between two drive sub-systems and, consequently, load distributed between the two drive sub-systems, giving components a significantly longer service life. Moreover, each XPower® wheel loader is fitted with sturdier axles than the previous generation of machines. In effect each machine is equipped with the axles of the next largest model in the previous generation’s range. Liebherr also reinforces other key components including the hydraulic cylinders and the lift arm.

For ultimate comfort, Liebherr has developed the cab design in close cooperation with machine operators. Thanks to its large glazed surfaces and windows, the cab offers optimal visibility. The interior layout is logical and generous. Displays, operating elements and the driver's seat form an ergonomic unit and can be individually adjusted to suit the needs of the driver.

L 526 all-purpose wheel loaders for demanding applications

In the mid-sized wheel loader category, Liebherr dealer Emsa will exhibit an L 526 at its trade fair stand. The smallest wheel loader in this machine range, the L 526 is powered by an efficient 103kW / 140HP diesel engine. The Smopyc exhibit is equipped with a parallel lift arm system for industrial applications and a 1.8m³ backfill bucket. Operating weight and tipping load are well balanced on the L 526: the wheel loader achieves a tipping load of 7,700kg at an operating weight of 11,250kg.

The new mid-sized wheel loader generation has a total of three models: the L 526, L 538 and the L 546. The all-round wheel loaders are compliant with Stage IV / Tier 4f emissions guidelines. The proven and efficient hydrostatic driveline with its exceptional fuel efficiency continues to be an attraction.

Larger axles and robust steel structures increase reliability

Through investments specifically focused on improving robustness, Liebherr has prepared the new all-round wheel loaders for versatile use in the most diverse of industries. To further increase the stability of the machines, Liebherr now equips all three models with larger axles than those used on the previous generation. These have automatic self-locking differentials that provide the greatest degree of traction even on rough terrain.

The new generation of all-round wheel loaders embodies Liebherr’s decades of experience in the development, design and production of steel components. Comprehensive optimisation of the entire steel structure improves the durability of the machines in demanding industrial applications, for example. In particular, the developers have reinforced the structure of the steel frame and the two lift arm variants. High-quality hydraulic components round off the package of measures for increased durability.

Liebherr offers numerous application-specific solutions to increase versatility. For example, customers can choose between Z-bar linkage for standard applications and parallel lift arms for industrial purposes. The designers have revised every aspect of the inside of the cab to provide a higher standard of comfort. Wide steps, a generously-dimensioned interior with sophisticated details, easy-to-access maintenance points plus large glazed surfaces and windows provide the utmost comfort and safety.