Press releases | 01/10/2020 Liebherr to introduce the 42 M5 XXT concrete pump and Powerbloc hydraulic drive unit to US market at World of Concrete 2020

  • New 42 M5 XXT joins Liebherr’s line up of truck-mounted concrete pumps
  • Powerbloc is first hydraulic system designed exclusively to power concrete pumps

Liebherr is introducing a completely newly developed 42 M5 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump and the new Powerbloc drive unit at the 2020 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 42 M5 XXT is powerful, versatile and compact, allowing the machine to work easily at constricted job sites. And with the Powerbloc, Liebherr for the first time has created a product that combines the best features of open and closed hydraulic systems.

The Powerbloc drive unit and the 42 M5 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump will be featured at this year’s World of Concrete show.

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The Liebherr Powerbloc is a hydraulically driven pump system designed for concrete pumps. It combines the best aspects of two industry standard designs to create a product that is powerful, smooth, reliable and easy to maintain.

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More than 60,000 industry professionals from all over the world, who represent all segments of the construction industry, are expected to attend this year’s show, which will occupy more than 700,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 4-7, 2020.

Every aspect of the 42 M5 XXT was developed with the end user in mind. Equipped with the popular five piece multi-folding mast, the machine has an unfolding height of under 28.2 ft. and a vertical reach of 135 ft. The low unfolding height and great mobility of the 42 M5 XXT give the machine great boom flexibility and support in a compact unit. Yet, it is quiet, stable and reliable, due to the fact that many of its components are produced in-house by Liebherr.

In addition, Liebherr’s proven XXT outrigger support system offers unmatched versatility in setting up the pump. It is safe and stable in any position thanks to the direct load transfer. A redesigned rear end permits easy access to the pump for operation and maintenance. The 42 M5 XXT made its world debut at Bauma 2019 and is being introduced to the U.S. market for the first time at World of Concrete.

Liebherr Powerbloc – the best of both worlds

Most concrete pumps use alternating pistons that drive cups to move concrete through a boom and are used to pour the concrete in the desired location. The pistons, in turn, are connected to hydraulic cylinders that are powered with high pressure oil, which provides the energy to pump concrete.

Typical hydraulic systems are comprised of many components. Essentially, systems are either of an open or closed circuit design. Liebherr has typically used an open design on its concrete pumps, as this configuration is simple, reliable and powerful. However, this design takes up more space, requires more oil and weighs more. A closed circuit setup addresses these concerns but incorporates more components and is therefore more complex.

The Liebherr Powerbloc is the new drive unit for the pump system. With this new design, all hydraulic switching and measuring elements are completely integrated, which eliminates numerous hydraulic hoses and other parts. This is a one of a kind drive unit in the concrete pump world, as the Powerbloc is powered by a semi-closed hydraulic circuit, which supplies all drives with hydraulic energy. As a result of this new design, the oil volume is significantly reduced. But performance is not compromised. Although the system weighs less, it is smoother more efficient, quiet and safe. Smooth operations means less wear and tear and longer equipment service life.

Visit us at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 4-7, 2020, Booth# C5677.


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