News | 04/30/2018 Liebherr targets new applications at OTC 2018

Liebherr at OTC 2018

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Once again, two Liebherr divisions - the Maritime Cranes and Components - participate in the renowned Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2018 in Houston (USA). This time, Liebherr particularly targets offshore, ship building as well as oil & gas as core applications and presents specific components and solutions from 30. April to 3. May, 2018.

In the German Pavilion on stand 3625-4, the Liebherr Maritime Cranes division presents its comprehensive offshore crane portfolio as well as its competencies as a global market leader in the offshore crane segment. The show team focuses on the different offshore crane series, including ram und rope luffing cranes as well as machines with either kingpost or slewing bearing. Liebherr offshore cranes find application particularly in the oil and gas, subsea and heavy lift sector. The lifting capacity of the crane portfolio ranges up to several thousand tonnes.

The heavy lift crane (HLC) with a lifting capacity of up to 5,000 tonnes at more than 30 metres is the biggest crane Liebherr has ever built. The weight corresponds to nine five fully loaded A380 airplanes. The boom is approx. 40 metres longer than the largest football pitch. The maximum outreach is 160 metres. This makes the crane ready to install wind turbines of the next generation.

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The main focus of the Components division lies on offshore and ship building as core marine applications. Liebherr targets here primarily drilling rigs for pipeline construction as well as propulsion systems, for which Liebherr designs and manufactures drives with high power density as well as bearings in all weight and diameter classes.

Moreover, slewing bearings by Liebherr are particularly suitable for application in offshore cranes, turrets, buoys, access bridges or thrusters. For that, bearings are available in all common as well as special gear modules - with external, internal or no gearing.

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On a floor area of almost 50 m², Liebherr Components presents its well servicing engine D9620 for oil and gas applications. The engine features a 20 cylinder architecture and is rated up to 2500 hp at 1900 rpm. It is designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements and withstands the toughest working conditions, while being easy to maintain. Thanks to its low weight, the D9620 offers the highest power-to-weight ratio in class. It also meets all technical requirements for pressure pumping applications.

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Liebherr always optimises its products and identifies new demands as well as potentials for improvement. Due to this approach, we are able to further expand the offshore portfolio continuously and to launch new solutions for the maritime industry. Therefore, the Liebherr exhibition team looks forward to provide the visitors first-hand information about these new highlights.