News | 03/10/2021 Liebherr supplies SNCF with additional air conditioning systems for TER 2N NG trains

Saloon HVAC unit by Liebherr for TER 2N NG trains

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems continues to work together with SNCF, the national operator of railway transportation based in Saint-Denise (France), and supplies 20 additional saloon HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) units for TER2N NG trains.

The systems will be up-dated by the Liebherr engineering team in Korneuburg (Austria) to comply with the new fire and smoke standard EN 45545 and to avoid components obsolescence. The Liebherr-Transportation Systems team in Marica (Bulgaria) is taking care of the assembly of the units.

Almost two decades ago, Liebherr designed and manufactured the air conditioning systems for the passenger compartments of the double decker trains. These EMUs built by Alstom and Bombardier were put into service in 2004 and are serving in eight regions in France, in configurations of three, four or five coaches. Each coach is equipped with two HVAC systems.

The newly ordered HVAC units will increase SNCF’s buffer stock, so that the operator will be able to smoothly perform the mid-life overhaul of the running fleet of its TERN2N NG trains.