News | 05/26/2021 Liebherr supplies further air conditioning equipment for Stuttgart’s suburban railway

Liebherr’s roof-mounted air conditioning unit for Stuttgart's ET 430 suburban railway train - © Liebherr

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems has been commissioned by Alstom (formerly Bombardier in Hennigsdorf, Germany) to supply further air conditioning equipment for 58 ET 430 series suburban railway trains. Deliveries are scheduled to take place by March 2022. The first Liebherr air conditioning systems for the ET 430 series were delivered to the rail vehicle manufacturer in 2010.

Alstom has ordered a total of 232 roof-mounted air conditioning units for the passenger compartments and 116 units for the driver's cabs of the vehicles operated by DB Regio AG, Stuttgart (Germany). Four units per train set will be installed for the passenger compartments and two for the driver’s cabin.

The air conditioning units in the passenger compartment are designed to be particularly energy-efficient, as they use the thermal discharge from traction to heat the passenger areas. Heating using electrical energy can therefore largely be avoided.

The ET 430 series is the evolution of the ET 422 fleet. It is a four-part, electric multiple-unit train and is operated by Deutsche Bahn on the suburban networks in various metropolitan areas. Since 1999, more than 700 trains of the ET 422, 423 and 430 series have been fitted with air conditioning systems from Liebherr.