News | 11/27/2023 Liebherr supplies exchange parts for tram in Budapest

Liebherr technology on board: The Combino low-floor tram in Budapest - © Buday Peter - MOVILL

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems has been commissioned by MOVILL Kft, Budapest (Hungary) to supply new roll coupling components for the anti-buckling system of the Combino low-floor tram. The delivery includes a total of 189 control cylinders and 39 damping cylinders, which are to be replaced one-to-one with the existing cylinders from the beginning of 2024.

The hydraulic elements play an important role: in combination with electronic control, sensors and pneumatic elements, the control and damping cylinders react in real time to changes in the driving dynamics. Thus, they ensure that the vehicles stay on the tracks and do not have any dangerous inclinations or kinks.

In modern low-floor trams in particular, the passenger compartment is positioned low above the rails, which makes the lateral rolling motion more noticeable for passengers. To avoid this effect, the cylinders of the roll coupling system enable precise and controlled movement control and at the same time dampen reliably vibrations and shocks. The entire hydraulic system works passively, so that derailments due to computer errors are ruled out. The tram is therefore more stable on the tracks.

MOVILL Kft. is a manufacturer of machine and vehicle components and also offers comprehensive services such as spare parts management as well as maintenance and repair for the rail vehicle sector. The Combino streetcars are operated by the Budapest Transport Company Zrt. exclusively on the city lines 4 and 6.