News | 09/28/2020 Liebherr supplies engineering solution for Eickhoff

The Liebherr Components Division supplies a comprehensive engineering solution for a transmission test rig of the Eickhoff Group based in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). It is used for the testing of the existing transmissions and the development of future, more powerful transmission generations, which are installed in the company’s shearer loaders, for example.

Liebherr engineering solution is used for the development of the transmission arms of shearer loaders by the Eickhoff Group.

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The 1.5 MW converter drive LCD 300 (Liduro Converter Drive) is an essential part of Liebherr's engineering solution.

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In its core business, the family-owned Eickhoff manufactures machines and gears that are used worldwide in areas, where they have to prove themselves under extreme conditions. Such applications are, for example, wind turbines, rail vehicles, industrial plants and many other. With this order, the company relies on a partner, which is also a family-run traditional company. Liebherr Components develops and produces components and solutions exactly for such applications, in which high quality, load-bearing capacity and operational safety are essential.

The solution offered by Liebherr includes a 1.5 MW LCD 300 (Liduro Converter Drive) with greed feed, a transformer, a drive motor and a generator. The transmission test rig requires a high-performance control and drive system that can safely cover the relevant power ranges – in this case an output of up to 1,500 kW. The gearboxes are tested for their overall performance, as well as load capacity and efficiency in continuous operation and with an overload of up to a 25%.

The Liebherr team has also dismantled the old test rig at Eickhoff and taken over the installation, commissioning and testing of the new one.

This enabled Eickhoff to commission the new test rig on time and within budget despite complex requirements. Shearer loaders are used for cutting in underground mining. In the next generation, it will be possible to operate the arms with a cutting power of 1,200 kW.

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