News | 04/28/2021 Liebherr supplies air conditioning systems for passenger coaches to Slovakia

HVAC underfloor unit by Liebherr for ŽOS TRADING RIC passenger coaches

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From this year until the end of next year, Liebherr-Transportation Systems will deliver 17 air conditioning and heating systems to the Slovak rail vehicle manufacturer ŽOS TRADING s.r.o. in Vrútky. The scope of delivery includes the corresponding number of underfloor split air conditioning systems, each consisting of an air treatment unit and a cooling unit, as well as the necessary sensors and air conditioning controllers.

A special feature of this order is the included CO2-regulated fresh air supply. The flow of fresh air is adjusted depending on the CO2 content in the passenger compartment. The environmentally friendly control technology from Liebherr helps to save energy and thus costs - to the benefit of the wagon operator.

The systems will be installed in the international and cross-border passenger coaches (RIC) of the Slovakian state railway company ZSSK, Bratislava.

This order is a follow-up order: since 2007, 112 passenger coaches have been equipped with Liebherr air conditioning systems.

This new commission for air conditioning systems strengthens the reputation of Liebherr-Transportation Systems as a reliable partner of the Slovakian railway industry and opens another chapter in the good and long-term business relationship with ŽOS TRADING.