Press releases | 07/21/2016 Liebherr stationary concrete pump transports concrete for thyssenkrupp test tower over 230 metres high

  • High demand on the uniformity of concrete delivery
  • Structure brought up to height with slipform construction method
  • Highest publicly accessible visitor platform in Germany

The performance and reliability of the Liebherr stationary concrete pump THS 80 DH impresses in the construction of the tallest building in Baden-Württemberg.

thyssenkrupp test tower for lift technology with Liebherr crane 280 EC-H 12

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In Rottweil, concrete is pumped to a height of 230 metres with the Liebherr trailer concrete pump THS 80 DH Tier 4.

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At the present time, a test and development tower for thyssenkrupp lifts is under construction in Rottweil, Germany, with a total height of 246 metres and a diameter of 21 metres. The tower is set to house twelve lift shafts in the future. The building contractor is Züblin AG Stuttgart.

When realising a construction project of this magnitude, it is not only the structural engineering that must be spot on; the optimum quality of the concrete is also essential. The uniformity of the concrete delivery plays an important role here. Technology from Liebherr was employed, so that such uniformity could also be guaranteed over this extreme height.

The concrete for the slip formwork was transported upwards with a Liebherr tower crane of type 280 EC-H 12 Litronic. The concrete for the suspended ceilings was pumped. The customer was able to rely here on the experience of Betonpumpenunion Ulm and the concrete supplier Bau-Union Rottweil.

Work took place with the powerful, tried and tested Liebherr trailer concrete pump THS 80 DH, with a maximum delivery output of 50m³/h and a delivery pressure of 160 bar (both on the piston side). This environmentally friendly trailer concrete pump fulfils the strict emission standard Tier 4.

The concrete was delivered to the respective storey via the Liebherr stationary concrete pump THS 80 DH and a vertically mounted high-pressure rising pipe DN 125, where it was distributed with an approx. 40 metre hose line. It was possible to pump the grade C25/30 concrete with 16 mm maximum grain size of consistency class F5 to every height, without difficulty.

In the future, thyssenkrupp intends to test different lift designs inside the tower under realistic conditions, including the world’s first cable-free lift. The planned visitor platform, at a height of 232 metres above ground level, will be Germany’s highest publicly accessible viewpoint - 80 metres higher than Stuttgart’s television tower.


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