News | 06/10/2024 Liebherr spotlights Trina Baughman, Digital Products Product Manager

With more than two decades of expertise at Liebherr, Trina Baughman, Product Manager of Digital Products, is here to help mobile and crawler crane’s customers become more familiar with Liebherr digital technology, ensuring optimal operation of their equipment.

Trina Baughman is the Product Manager for Digital Products, instructing customers how to use MyLiebherr

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With load planning and fleet management technology constantly evolving, many teams find themselves in need of a guide to show them the ropes – that’s where Trina Baughman comes in. Known for her strong work ethic and passion for product, you’ll often find Baughman traveling from site to site, training customer teams on how to use Liebherr’s online portal, MyLiebherr. Serving as a customizable online portal, MyLiebherr gives customers an extensive range of services including digital services and application software specific to the machines in their fleet.

Through Baughman’s time working with the portal, she has been able to see its innovations first-hand with prominent updates to programs like Crane Planner 2.0, Liebherr’s advanced lift planning software, and Crane Finder, an online tool to help customers find the right crane for their next project. “The exponential growth of MyLiebherr and the services it provides make users enthusiastic when they use it,” she notes. “Their excitement about the product constantly feeds my passion for this industry.”

In her current role, Baughman works closely with the Liebherr factories, learning about new programs or technology within MyLiebherr as well as collaborating with the factory team to develop new features for users. This allows her to not only provide more in-depth training to teams across the country, it also gives her the opportunity to advocate for upgrades and adjustments that better serve the US market.

When she first began her journey with Liebherr, Baughman served as a Service Coordinator and Nationwide Service Manager, allowing her passion for working with and helping customers to shine. When she was given the opportunity to work in her current position with Digital Products, she was eager to make the switch. “It was a no-brainer to be back with customers and providing a service to all,” she recalls.

Baughman’s motto in life is “dream big, care big, share big,” and she brings this into every facet of her work at Liebherr. Whether it is working on-site with customer teams, coordinating with our factories, or training with the latest MyLiebherr program, her positive energy and powerful work ethic always leave a lasting impression.