Press releases | 10/24/2022 Liebherr shows first luffing jib crane with fibre rope technology at Bauma 2022

  • The 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre luffing jib crane is now available for order worldwide
  • Less reduction in lifting capacity, particularly at high hook heights, compared to the steel rope model
  • A significant load increase of up to 43 percent at the jib head, and a 25 percent rise in maximum lifting capacity

A newcomer to Liebherr's HC-L series: the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre is the first luffing jib crane with high-tensile fibre rope design. Liebherr is showcasing the heavy-duty crane in public for the first time at the construction machinery trade fair in Munich. The new crane is a particularly useful partner for construction projects in densely built-up inner city areas: impressive hook heights, minimal space requirements and no need for slewing over neighbouring buildings are all key advantages.

The Liebherr 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre impresses with a ten-tonne lifting capacity in 1-line operation.

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The 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre achieves comparable hook heights to the 230 HC-L 8/16 steel rope model. At a maximum jib length of approx. 60 metres, the jib head load capacity is still as much as 2,500 kilograms. The 230 HC-L 8/16 manages up to 1,900 kilograms at the jib head. Liebherr has also increased the maximum lifting capacity of the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre by 25 percent to 10 tonnes in 1-line operation, which meets today’s market demands for this size class. As well as the proven 355 IC tower system for climbing inside buildings, there is also the option of using the 24 HC tower system, starting with the 24 HC 420, which offers efficient assembly with only one taper pin connection per corner post.

Less weight, more power

The crane’s impressive performance is largely due to its use of fibre rope, which is significantly lighter than steel rope of a comparable diameter. The fibre rope ensures that a similar crane design is able to offer greater load capacities and a faster working speed. “When using our Fibre cranes, the greater the hook height is, the more substantial the possible increases in load capacity are,” says Markus Kinateder, Product Manager, Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH. Reduced wear of materials and exceptional durability contribute to the machine’s particularly long service life and, therefore, its cost-efficiency.

The HC-L series luffing jib cranes are in a league of their own when it comes to particularly high hook heights, which can be achieved with virtually no restrictions thanks to various climbing and rigging systems. Their compact slewing radius and adjustable jib allow them to be used where only limited space is available. Small out-of-service radii ensure that free slewing isn't a problem, even if there are multiple cranes on site or buildings with projecting edges. Intelligent assistance systems ensure efficient and safe crane operation. Level luffing at the touch of a button and the fine positioning mode Micromove enable crane operators to work with precision.

Fibre rope advantages at a glance

The high-tensile fibre rope, which is the result of 10 years of development work by Liebherr and the rope manufacturer Teufelberger, is a groundbreaking technology. Fibre cranes achieve significantly higher performance values compared to their steel rope counterparts. The fibre rope is more durable, easier to handle when reeving due to its lighter weight, and maintenance is less complicated as lubrication isn’t required. And on top of all that, operational safety is also increased; crane operators are able to see at a glance when the fibre rope needs replacing. The components of the rope’s cover wear out at different rates – a red layer indicates that the rope has reached the end of its service life.


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