Press releases | 04/15/2024 Liebherr revamps Jinert’s fleet with a new addition and a repair

  • Swedish lifting and transport service provider expands its fleet with an LG 1750
  • Sven Jinert AB has been relying on Liebherr for 34 years
  • Repair of an LG 1550 at the Liebherr location in Ehingen-Berg

The Swedish lifting and transport service provider Sven Jinert AB ordered a new LG 1750 lattice boom crane from Liebherr. At the same time, an LG 1550 that had been involved in an accident went to the Ehingen-Berg repair centre, where it was repaired and repainted.

Ready for delivery: the LG 1750 lattice boom mobile crane for the Swedish company Sven Jinert AB.

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Freshly repaired and painted: the LG 1550 (right) is ready to set off on its return journey to Sweden together with its bigger brother, the LG 1750.

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Lifting and transport service provider Jinert already had three 750-tonne lattice boom cranes from Liebherr in its fleet. A fourth has now been added: with the LG 1750, the Swedish company now also has a model equipped with an SX3 boom system. With this reinforced boom, the crane offers a 20 per cent increase in lifting capacity and significantly higher wind tolerances compared to the conventional SX version – this is a major benefit, especially for crane work in the wind power sector. “We opted for this mobile lattice boom crane to offer our customers maximum flexibility,” says Managing Director Björn Jinert. “We now have two lattice boom cranes on crawlers and two on wheels, among which we can swap and recombine the booms.”

As a lattice boom mobile crane, the LG 1750 combines the lifting capacity of a 750-tonne crawler crane with the mobility of a fast-moving mobile crane. It has the crane slewing platform and boom system of the LR 1750 crawler crane as well as an eight-axle chassis with speed-dependent rear axle steering. This makes the crane ideal for fast assembly work.

Positive experience with the predecessor model LG 1550

Jinert has mobile cranes with lifting capacities from 25 to 800 tonnes. These include an LG 1550, which is used for the maintenance of wind turbines as well as in industrial and infrastructure projects. “Since we added this crane to our fleet in 2016, our experience with it has been excellent,” reports Jinert. Liebherr produced this crane type from 1992 to 2009, making it an easy decision to have the crane professionally repaired after it had recently come off a slippery road. The LG 1550 was taken to the repair centre in Ehingen-Berg where it was refurbished and repainted. The decision to repair the crane at the Liebherr location in southern Germany was based on the available capacity, the complexity of the damage and the size of the crane. For example, emergency repairs are also undertaken here at short notice and large cranes are repaired. “We are very satisfied with the repairs to our LG 1550 – the crane is like new again,” says Jinert.

A 34-year partnership

Sven Jinert AB was founded in 1988 in Hässleholm, where its head office is still located today. The company added its first Liebherr crane, an LTM 1035-3, to its portfolio in 1990. With around 350 employees and offices in around 20 different locations in Sweden, the lifting and transport service provider offers modern equipment for lifting operations, special transport and heavy-duty transport.


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