Press releases | 07/25/2017 Liebherr R 936 crawler excavator with Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards in use at Bodarwé in Belgium

  • A versatile machine with an adjustable boom of 6.80 m and an extended stick of 3.10 m
  • The Bodarwé Group has been a loyal Liebherr customer for over 30 years

The Belgian company Bodarwé was looking for a replacement for its versatile Liebherr R 934 crawler excavator and decided on the successor model from Liebherr, the R 936. This excavator is characterised by its high level of driving and operating comfort and complies with the current emission standards. The Belgian company operates in road construction, earthmoving, mining, as well as in transport, and places high demands which Liebherr has been fulfilling for over 30 years.

The new R 936 has clocked up 1000 operating hours. The excavator is used for diverse applications mainly in road construction, earthmoving and civil engineering.

Liebherr-France SAS configured the model especially for this type of work. The crawler excavators are designed for an operating weight between 18 and 100 tonnes.

Bodarwé’s Liebherr R 936 crawler excavator has a powerful diesel engine with 170kW / 231hp, which complies with the current Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards. It also has a LC undercarriage and 750mm wide track pads.

With an operating weight of 35 tonnes and a counterweight of 6.3 tonnes, the excavator can be easily transported from one construction site to the next. In order to ensure maximum productivity and versatility, the model has an adjustable boom of 6.80m and an extended stick of 3.10 m. For earthmoving work the crawler excavator is equipped with a 1.75m³ bucket and quick coupler.

Versatile with high power

The R 936 provides smooth running, particularly well adapted equipment and a high level of operating comfort.

The design of the Liebherr tools maximises productivity in all applications. The excavator operates with a variety of tools to give great flexibility. The operators at Bodarwé really benefit from the machine’s adjustable boom, which allows them to dig deeper than with a traditional mono boom and which better meets their requirements and covers their diverse range of applications.

The final key to success in daily use is the particularly comfortable operator's cab which is mounted on viscoelastic bearings to absorb the vibration emissions of the machine. The clamps that secure the hose lines are fitted with rubber cladding to further reduce noise levels.

Long-term collaboration

For over 30 years Bodarwé has been operating Liebherr machines and is extremely satisfied. Approximately 30 of the 70 machines in the fleet are Liebherrs, including all the company's crawler excavators. The inherent high quality of Liebherr machines coupled with the excellent customer service, including technical expertise, are some if the reasons that Bodarwé specifies Liebherr.

With Liebherr, Bodarwé benefits from the particularly good spare part availability, as well as an abundance of expertise in terms of machine maintenance. The company was greatly impressed by the training of its staff by the machine manufacturer.

In addition, the general presence of SOMTP Belgium in Suarlée was also a deciding factor in the purchase. This exclusive Liebherr sales partner in Belgium is known for its wealth of technical know-how, high availability, fast response times and close proximity to the customer.

About Bodarwé

The company was founded in 1937 by Jean Bodarwé and up to the 1960s was solely involved in road construction and mining. In 1964 Bodarwé founded the company Boreta for the manufacture and installation of bituminous surfaces, as well as for the operation of a concrete mixing plant.

Following numerous further developments and acquisitions, the company now has over 8 subsidiaries with 250 employees. This year it celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Bodarwé works in road construction, earthmoving applications, on public construction sites and in mining within a radius of 100km.