News | 09/30/2016 Liebherr R 914 Compact crawler excavator – Landscaping made easy

The Liebherr R 914 Compact crawler excavator in use with the Woodcracker CS580 grapple saw

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Large trees characterise our landscape, create a wonderful atmosphere and are extremely valuable from an ecological perspective. However, they sometimes also pose a danger to road safety, grow too big or become infested with parasites and therefore have to be trimmed, thinned out or even removed.

A fishing pond near Prambachkirchen (Austria) had to be cleared of dense shrubs and trees. With the Liebherr R 914 Compact crawler excavator Westtech Maschinenbau GmbH found the ideal machine to complete such a task. The R 914 Compact crawler excavator was equipped with rubber pads in order to avoid causing any damage to the neighbouring fields. Thanks to the fully automatic LIKUFIX quick coupler system, Westtech was also able to use several hydraulic attachments. The hydraulic Woodcracker CB300 tree shears has an extraordinary gripper opening width. Shrubs and bushes can be easily harvested and bundled. Automatic operation from the cab enables a fast harvest and saves a huge amount of time. The Woodcracker CS580 grapple saw ensures the safe removal of trees in segments. A Woodcracker S400 wood stock device was also used for the final processing of the area. This allows the neat and ground-flush cutting of root stocks. Thanks to the high-performance R 914 Compact and the quick and simple changeover of tools, the landscaping work was completed promptly and in an environmentally friendly manner.