Press releases | 06/07/2017 Liebherr presents the LH 35 M Timber Litronic material handler at Elmia Wood 2017

  • Operating weight of between 29.6 and 31.6 tonnes
  • Timber handling in timber yards, sawmills and pulp mills
  • Optimised undercarriage concept for trailer operation

With the LH 35 M Timber Litronic material handler, Liebherr showcases a powerful all-round talent in timber handling at Elmia Wood 2017. The timber handler represents reliability and a high level of driving comfort. It also impresses with low fuel consumption and outstanding performance. These are impressive selling points, particularly for challenging timber handling tasks.

Liebherr LH 35 M Timber Litronic material handler for loading trucks with tree trunks

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The Liebherr LH 35 M Timber Litronic achieves a higher handling capacity in trailer operations thanks to the new undercarriage concept

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The LH 35 M Timber Litronic material handler on show at the Elmia Wood 2017 trade fair is designed for challenging timber handling tasks. Equipment on the machine includes a straight 6.5m boom and a 5.0m stick with angled stick end as well as a Liebherr GM 20B timber grab with a filling volume of 1.9m². Another element of the machine's configuration is the 1,200mm fixed cab elevation. The clever space-saving ladder system includes integrated steps that are positioned at an angle of 10° for safe and convenient access to the cab. Mudguards made from hot-dip galvanised steel with integrated rubber flaps provide maximum spay protection irrespective of the direction of travel, thanks to the symmetrical design.

Optimised undercarriage concept for trailer operation

The combination of a timber handling machine and trailer is the optimal choice for operations over longer distances. Thanks to the new undercarriage concept with blade and outrigger, the handling capacity when the machine is used with trailer is significantly increased. The two-point outrigger guarantees maximum stability and high lift capacities during loading and unloading of the trailer across the entire pivot range. As a result, more wood can be handled per work cycle and productivity is increased. The blade can also be used for clearing and consequently increases safety in the timber yard.

Performance redefined

The LH 35 M Timber Litronic material handler’s diesel engine is a four-cylinder in-line engine from Liebherr, which conforms to Stage IV / Tier 4f exhaust emission guidelines and delivers an engine output of 150kW / 204HP.

The high level of power provided by the engine means that the system has a high level of torque available for powerful movements. In addition, load peaks are skilfully compensated for so that the maximum torque is available at all times to enable the greatest level of material handling performance. In combination with the separate hydraulic pump in the enclosed slewing circuit, maximum acceleration and top speeds are guaranteed in operation.

The traction motor sets standards in terms of efficient driving operation. The integrated electric swivel angle adjustment provides more torque, maximum acceleration and higher traction. In this way, a consistently high output is available even on uphill gradients. In addition, the standard all-wheel drive ensures a high level of steerability and manoeuvrability combined with improved tracking, whilst an impressive standard of driving stability is maintained.

The LH 35 M Timber Litronic combines intelligent electronics with sensitive hydraulics and ensures precise and finely controlled work with simultaneously fast and powerful movements. The cleverly conceived machine control system guarantees that the adaptation of the hydraulics for specific uses is maximised. Speed and strength are available as and when required.

Investing wisely means long-term savings

Liebherr relies on state-of-the-art engine technology with intelligent machine controls that optimise the interaction of the drive components in terms of efficiency. The Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system enables the machine to be operated close to its lowest specific fuel consumption level to decrease fuel consumption, increase efficiency and maximise performance. The engine speed was adjusted to 1,700 rpm to optimise the machine’s operating point and the enclosed slewing circuit feeds the braking power back into the system during braking of the upper carriage.

When technology delivers convenience

The new LH 35 M Timber Litronic material handler’s operator's cab offers the best conditions for productive work in an environment designed to facilitate high levels of concentration and with the health of the operator in mind. The cab has been modified and improved in terms of safety and comfort. The foldable left-hand armrest facilitates access to the cab, thus ensuring enhanced safety. The new joysticks, with standard proportional control via four-way mini joysticks, enable various control options. This includes, for example, operation of the outrigger with greater control and precision without having to move the hand.


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