Press releases | 04/08/2019 Liebherr presents new attachment: slurry wall cutter LSC 8-18

  • Available immediately worldwide
  • Modular design of the cutter for slurry walls with thicknesses between 800 and 1800 mm
  • Duty cycle crawler crane HS 8130 as universal carrier machine
  • Hydraulic turning device and steering flaps for highest precision

At the Bauma 2019 Liebherr is presenting a brand new package for slurry wall applications with slurry wall cutter, duty cycle crawler crane and desanding unit, which is especially suitable for deployment in urban areas. The combination has been optimized to enable quick and precise work.

The HS 8130.1 is designed as carrier machine for the slurry wall cutter LSC 8-18.

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The slurry wall cutter is modularly designed and has a robust base body. As the names of the slurry wall cutters LSC 8-18 C and L imply, slurry walls with thicknesses between 800 and 1800 mm can be installed. The term “C” (compact) stands for the compact version, while the base body of the “L” (large) version is 4 m longer. The resulting total height of the slurry wall cutter (12 m) and the high weight with low centre of gravity provide for even better vertical positioning and excellent control. This is especially advantageous for slurry walls with large dimensions. Bites with lengths of 2800-3200 mm and maximum depths of 110 m can be excavated with the slurry wall cutter.

Thanks to the quick installation system the cutter wheels can be easily exchanged. Each cutter wheel is driven with 110 kNm and is designed for even the toughest of tasks. Due to the large diameters of the hoses in the hose drum system 110 T, high efficiency can be achieved in cutting application. The system can also be equipped for reduced working depths providing a huge advantage for transport and assembly.

Proven Carrier Machine for Universal Application

The HS 8130.1 is designed as carrier machine for the slurry wall cutter LSC 8-18. Its high performance winch allows for the heavy weight of the slurry wall cutter. This means the lifting capacity of the duty cycle crawler crane is optimally utilized. The slurry wall cutter package can be ideally adapted to the conditions on the jobsite and convinces, above all, through extremely high efficiency. The robust construction is designed for unrestricted use and a long service life. Nevertheless, the HS 8130.1 maintains its multifunctionality and can also be universally used in grab operation or for lifting jobs. All control elements of the slurry wall cutter are fully integrated in the handling concept. Thus, a quick change between different applications is possible.

The slurry wall cutter is fitted with a hydraulic turning device, which enables the continuous alignment of the slurry wall cutter in the trench. This means all possible working positions are covered. Twelve independently controllable steering flaps correct the cutting direction, and the actual position of the flaps is displayed in real time on the monitor in the operator's cab.

The central lubrication system of the slurry wall cutter allows for quick and simple maintenance. The maintenance points of the HS 8130.1 can be safely and easily accessed thanks to the external platforms. An additional diesel tank (500 l) in the hose drum carrier frame of the duty cycle crawler crane increases the total volume to 1270 l and enables the longest possible self-sufficient operation.

Comfort in an Elegant Design: the New Operator’s Cab

The HS 8130.1 is equipped with a new cabin design, which gives it an elegant appearance and, above all, focuses on increased operator comfort. This is achieved through a modern air-conditioning system with improved airflow, an optimized field of vision and reduced noise protection, as well as an orthopaedic operator’s seat with integrated heating and cooling.

Liebherr offers the slurry wall cutter, the HS 8130.1 as carrier machine and the desanding unit as a complete package.


Here you will find the press release and images for download.

Press Information: Slurry Wall Cutter LSC8-18 ZIP (2.8 MB)
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