Press releases | 09/22/2022 Liebherr presents new 55 kW compressor

  • Liebherr introduces a new electric compressor for hydrogen-powered commercial and construction vehicles.
  • The newly development provides a higher oxygen partial pressure as compared to compressors for combustion engines.

Liebherr’s new 55 kW compressor is based on a mature system with an optimised cost-effective and standardised design that can be tailored to specific requirements at reduced costs.

Liebherr’s 55 kW compressor can be tailored to specific requirements.

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Liebherr’s two centres of excellence - Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse (France), the specialist for air and thermal management systems, and Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH (Germany), the specialist for controllers and power electronics, have joined forces to develop the new 55 kW electrical compressor. Thereby, both product segments cooperate with major automotive, truck and bus manufacturers. The compressor finds its use in railway, ships, long haul buses, trucks, off road vehicles or stationary applications.

The compressor offers several benefits: durability, high reliability, optimised operating performance and versatility. “Our compressor offers an outstanding performance with a guaranteed pressure ratio of more than 3:1 and an airflow of 500 g to 600 g per second with a nominal input voltage range of 700 VDC to 760 VDC”, says Herve Barthelemy, Turbomachinery Manager, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse. In addition, the generic design of the 55 kW compressor can be customised to meet specific user requirements.

Series production in planning

The first serial production of electrical compressors is planned to start in early 2023. Following the market growth, Liebherr has prepared its product line and processes for higher production volumes. The company has fully integrated production capacity, allowing the highest flexibility during the production phases.

“Our customer support facilities are located in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia. This allows us to sustain the dynamic growth of the market and to be as close as possible to the customers”, explains Willem de Grooth, Business Development Manager, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse.


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