Press releases | 06/01/2016 Liebherr Presents Latest Construction Machinery at the 2016 Ankomak Exhibition

  • Liebherr stand at outdoor area 0 500 measuring 1,350m²
  • High performance equipment represents the ranges of earthmoving, deep-foundation and mobile cranes
  • Exhibits on display are dedicated to Turkish customers’ requirements

At this year’s Ankomak trade fair held from June 1 to June 5 in Istanbul (Turkey), visitors can find the Liebherr stand in the outdoor area 0 500.

Liebherr presents in Istanbul seven machines for earthmoving and special deep foundation operation as well as for mobile lifting jobs. The line-up includes two crawler excavators, a mobile excavator, a dozer, a wheel loader, a rotary drilling rig and an all-terrain mobile crane.

Crawler excavator R 970 SME: Versatile concept offers multiple application options

The Liebherr R 970 SME on display in Istanbul is the successor of the Super Mass Excavation variant of the trusted R 964 C and is available both as a backhoe bucket as well as a front shovel version.

The R 970 SME features a newly designed driver's cab and offers the machine operator a spacious workplace with ergonomic layout of the switches and control elements as well as a driver seat with air suspension and heating that comes as a standard. The cab is the largest in this machine category.

With an operating weight of almost 80 tonnes, the R 970 SME returns break-out forces of up to 370Kn and penetration forces of up to 500Kn. The parallel layout for the attachments maintains uniform shovel movement; the bottom-dump bucket is of optimised design for smooth, effective penetration and high bucket filling levels. The R 970 SME’s Liebherr 8-cylinder V-engine returns 330kW / 449HP of power and complies with stage IIIB / Tier 4i exhaust emission limits.

Wheel loader L 556 XPower®: Highest level of performance

For the first time in Turkey, Liebherr will present the new XPower® wheel loader generation at Ankomak. XPower® is an integrated, innovative machine concept that sets new standards in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, robust design and comfort. Representing this recently introduced wheel loader concept, the new L 556 XPower® will be on display in Istanbul. The exhibit offers a tipping load of 13,500kg and comes with an operating weight of 18,500kg. The bucket has a capacity of 4.0m³. Its latest Stage IV / Tier 4f compliant Liebherr diesel engine provides a maximum gross output of 165kW / 224HP.

The Liebherr-XPower driveline brings together the hydrostatic and mechanical drive. The interaction between these two different drives is continuously adjusted automatically to the given application. As a result and thanks to the Liebherr-Power-Efficiency (LPE) system, XPower® offers the optimal level of efficiency during material loading and transport, as well as providing maximum acceleration and performance along all loading cycles – including long routes. All components are also ideally adapted to each other. XPower® stands for maximum efficiency and fuel savings of up to 30% compared to conventionally-driven wheel loaders.

Liebherr has made significant investment in the longevity of the XPower® wheel loaders in a number of ways. For instance, every XPower® wheel loader is fitted with stronger axles than the previous machine generation, often being fitted with axles from the next model up in the earlier range. In addition to the axles, Liebherr has reinforced other core components such as the hydraulic cylinders. Liebherr continues to develop and manufacture key components in-house or in partnership with premium manufacturers. This means Liebherr can ensure the consistent high quality of the components used.The XPower® wheel loaders have modern design elements throughout, from the lift arm to the comfort cabin and rear section with the latter characterised by striking lines. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this has important functional advantages. The tapered engine hood gives the driver excellent visibility towards the rear of the machine and increases safety immediately around it. Heavy components including the motor are installed right at the back of the machine’s rear section, removing the need for additional counterweight. This ideal weight distribution results in high tipping loads and greater handling capacity per hour of operation.

Rotary drilling rig LB 36: Excellent performance and equipment features

At the Ankomak of this year in Ankara, Turkey, Liebherr displays the LB 36-410, which is part of Liebherr’s series of pure rotary drilling rigs. The machine, designed and manufactured in Nenzing, Austria, possesses unique features like a stable leader design, robust kinematics as well as a broad range of possible applications. Like all rigs of the LB series, the LB 36 has been specially designed for Kelly drilling, drilling with double rotary head, continuous flight auger as well as for soil mixing applications.

The LB 36, weighing approximately 115t, is designed for drilling diameters of up to 3m and drilling depths of maximum 88 m. Its rotary drive offers a torque of 410kNm. The powerful Kelly winch and the rope crowd system offer a significant technical advantage. The operator is thus provided with maximum performance and reliability even with the most difficult soils and under extreme operational conditions.

Special highlights of the Liebherr LB 36 are the solid design of the leader as well as extremely robust kinematics with a large cross section. The machine thus offers a remarkable high stability. Hence, the LB 36 considers even the heaviest demands, which are nowadays imposed on modern rotary drilling rigs. For the operator this results not only in high performance but also in less wear and therefore in a longer service-life of the machine.

Basic machine and leader can be transported in one piece. This allows for quick and easy transportation of the rigs and thus for flexibility in jobsite assignment. The time-saving quick assembly system for leader and crawler track assemblies of the LB 36, which is typical for Liebherr rotary drilling rigs, represents another significant advantage.

LTM 1200-5.1 all-terrain crane with 72-metre telescopic boom

At the 2016 Ankomak, Liebherr presents the LTM 1200-5.1 all-terrain mobile crane with a 72 m telescopic boom. This 7-section boom offers outstanding lifting capacities, as the crane’s maximum possible total weight of 60 tons with a 12-ton axle load is fully exploited to optimise the available lifting capacity.

The drive train of the crane chassis boasts the proven, fuel-saving LI-AS-DRIVE drive train technology together with a Liebherr diesel engine and automatic ZF-AS-TRONIC gearbox. The retarder integrated in the gearbox reduces wear on the brakes and increases braking safety. The Liebherr six-cylinder inline engine with a common rail injection system provides 370 kW/503 hp of power and a maximum torque of 2,355 Nm. The LTM 1200-5.1 mobile crane boasts active, speed-sensitive rear-wheel steering, tried and tested many times over. The lower the speed of travel, the more the rear axles are engaged in the steering process. This enables the smallest turning radii to be achieved and reduces tyre abrasion. Because all axles are steered, uniform axle loads are achieved even when the crane is being driven on a building site with all equipment.

The Liebherr four-cylinder inline engine in the crane superstructure provides a high power output of 145 kW/197 hp and a torque of 926 Nm over the entire speed range between 1100 and 1500 min-1, the turbocharged diesel engine ensures rapid work cycles and crane movements. The hoist gear and slewing gear are steered in the closed oil circuit and operate with a particular high level of precision. The hydraulic system boasts five axial-piston variable displacement pumps with servo-control and capacity control. Up to four work movements can be carried out simulta¬neously.

Ballasting of up to 72 tons is available for the LTM 1200-5.1. At 2.98 m wide, the 12-ton base slab is narrower than the width of the vehicle. Four additional 10-ton slabs extend the counterweight to 52 tons with a counterweight width of 3.75 m. In applications requiring maximum ballasting, a 10-ton block must be suspended on the counterweight at both the right and the left. The maximum counterweight radius is 4.85 m.