Press releases | 06/02/2016 Liebherr Presents its Latest Construction Machinery in Sweden at the 2016 Svenska Maskinmässan Exhibition

  • Liebherr stand at outdoor area V:09 measuring 2,000m²
  • Machinery for the operation fields of earthmoving, material handling and mobile cranes
  • Exhibits especially dedicated to the Swedish market, many machine premiers coming directly from Bauma in Munich

At this year’s Svenska Maskinmässan, the trade fair for construction machinery held from June 2-4 in Stockholm (Sweden), visitors can find the Liebherr stand in the outdoor area V:09. Here Liebherr presents machinery for the operation fields of earthmoving, material handling and mobile cranes on its 2,000m² stand.

The line-up from Liebherr at the Maskinmässan trade fair in Stockholm comprises several premiers to the Swedish market. Some earthmoving and material handling machines have just been launched at the Bauma trade fair, which took place in Munich some weeks ago. Those include e.g. all Liebherr wheel loaders at Maskinmässan with representatives of the new mid-size and new large wheel loader series. Furthermore, Liebherr exhibits its retrofitted stage IV excavators, e.g. the mobile excavator A 918 Compact or the crawler excavator R 936. And also the smallest crawler tractor from Liebherr, the brand-new PR 716, is on show in Stockholm.

On its stand at Maskinmässan exhibition, Liebherr not only presents earthmoving and material handling machines but also lifting equipment. The mobile cranes on show stand for innovative crane concepts which ensure safe and efficient operation.

Wheel Loader L 580 XPower®: greatest level of efficiency in all applications

In Stockholm, Liebherr presents its latest XPower® large wheel loaders complying with emission standards Stage IV / Tier 4f. With the XPower® concept, Liebherr has developed a new wheel loader generation based on innovative technological and design solutions that combine robustness, performance strength, fuel efficiency and comfort in one machine.

Liebherr is installing the power-split XPower® driveline as standard in its large wheel loader series. This ensures power and efficiency in the new Liebherr large wheel loaders. The XPower® power-split transmission performs the same function as the traditional power-split transmission but with a greater level of efficiency. It combines two types of drive: the hydrostatic drive, the most efficient drive in short loading cycles, and the mechanical drive for long distances and driving up gradients. Together, the two paths always transfer 100 per cent of the diesel engine power and only the mix ratio of the two paths changes.

With its innovative and efficient drive concepts, Liebherr has achieved a high level of efficiency in all areas where wheel loaders are used. The proven Liebherr-Power-Efficiency system (LPE) plays a key role in this. Over a test and development phase lasting several years, Liebherr worked continually to perfect the adaptation of all drive-train components. The result is that XPower® wheel loaders reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent enabling operators to reduce their operating costs.

Crawler Excavator R 936: maximum fuel efficiency, minimum maintenance costs

The R 936 crawler excavator presented at Maskinmässan 2016 has been on the market since the beginning of 2016. It follows the first Stage IV / Tier 4f crawler excavator R 946, which Liebherr showcased at Intermat 2015 in Paris. Both crawler excavators incorporate the aforementioned new features of the hydraulic excavator range that comply with the exhaust emissions standard Stage IV / Tier 4f.

The operating weight of the R 936 is between 30 and 38 tonnes and the engine power is 170kW / 231HP. It is designed for earthmoving applications. With its new equipment it achieves maximum digging and breakout forces for a significant increase in productivity of up to 13% compared with the previous model. An optimised hydraulic system with dedicated swing circuit for increased productivity enables fuel savings of up to 7% with 10kW higher engine power in comparison to the previous generation.

The new Liebherr crawler excavators are equipped with the integrated, performance-enhancing excavator system technology, which is based on the Positive Control hydraulic system. This intelligent system works with sensors attached at strategic points on the excavator. When the machine operator moves the machine the intelligent control for the engine and hydraulic system optimises each movement. This facilitates fast, fluid and precise working movements. If required, the pump circuits can work independently or together thereby making optimal energy utilisation possible.

Mobile Excavator A 918 Compact: High flexibility for maximum performance

Liebherr is showcasing the A 918 Compact at Maskinmässan exhibition, just after its world premiere at Bauma 2016 in Munich (Germany). With a tail-swing radius of 1.85 m, this new wheeled excavator is ideal for construction sites, where space is limited and power needed. The 18-tonne excavator is used for inner city building sites, in roadway construction, horticultural and landscape construction.

The new A 918 Compact from Liebherr has already been retrofitted to comply with the new exhaust emissions standard Stage IV. Compared to its predecessor, it combines higher engine power with reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

With the redesign of the cab, the comfort was also enhanced and the driver's safety improved. E.g. the standard operation of the excavator support via the proportional control at the joystick levers offers greater comfort. When moving the machine, the operator does not need to change his grip and can complete levelling works comfortably and precisely.

The maintenance intervals have also been extended thanks to the further development of the Liebherr engine. This leads to less downtime thus increasing the productive working time of the machines and reducing maintenance costs.

Thanks to the innovative Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE), which optimally controls all power management processes of the new Liebherr wheeled excavators, the fuel consumption is reduced considerably. The proactive intervention in the engine management system, adjustment of the swing angle of the hydraulic pump and of the engine speed, provide for optimum efficiency of the drive components in every working situation. This allows a higher engine power at low speed.

Crawler Tractor PR 716: economical and efficient due to hydrostatic drive and selectable ECO mode

Liebherr shows the crawler tractor PR 716 at the 2016 Svenska Maskinmässan Exhibition, just a few weeks after its first introduction at the 2016 Bauma exhibiton in Munich (Germany). The PR 716 is the smallest crawler tractor model from Liebherr. It offers state-of-the-art technology for road construction, horticulture and landscaping, as well as for general earthmoving applications.

The successor model of the successful Liebherr PR 714 has an operating weight of 13,200 to 15,200kg with an engine output of 93kW / 126HP. The Liebherr PR 716 is powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine that complies with the Stage IV / Tier 4f emissions standards. In order for the requisite emissions and consumption targets to be fulfilled, the entire combustion process has been optimised to reduce the particulates even within the engine to a minimum.

As with all generation 6 crawler tractors, the new PR 716 Litronic features an electronic drive management system with an ECO mode setting. Making it possible for the operator to select between high performance and maximum economy. The ECO mode enables the PR 716 to achieve greater efficiency and is ideal for light and medium-duty applications.

The hydrostatic drive keeps the engine speed at a constant level. All drive components and the intelligent Liebherr engine management are optimally adapted to the speed, contributing towards reduced fuel consumption.

Material Handler LH 30 M Industry: powerful yet efficient

With the LH 30 M Industry, Liebherr is presenting a powerful all-round talent at the Maskinmässan 2016 trade fair. In Stockholm, the LH 30 is shown with a wheeled undercarriage, but would also be available with a crawler undercarriage. The LH 30 M Industry impresses by its versatility in various types of application, such as handling, unloading and sorting of materials, packaged goods and bulk cargo. The operating weight of this powerful machine with compact dimensions amounts from 26.5 to 29.1 tonnes.

Liebherr relies on state-of-the-art engine technology with intelligent machine control which optimises the interaction of the drive components in terms of efficiency. Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) enables machine operation in the area of the lowest specific fuel use for less consumption and greater efficiency with maximum performance. The engine speed was adjusted to 1,700rpm, which in turn optimises the operating point. Moreover, the enclosed slewing circuit feeds the braking power back into the system during slowing of the uppercarriage.

The operator cab of the new LH 30 M Industry offers the best conditions for healthy and productive work with high levels of concentration. Ergonomic design, outstanding all-round vision and low noise levels represent the highest level of comfort possible.

Mobile Crane LTC 1050-3.1: Variable, highly compact single-cab crane

Liebherr presents its LTC 1050-3.1 compact mobile crane, the successor to the LTC 1045-3.1, at the Maskinmässan 2016 trade fair in Stockholm. The partial use of an even stronger fine-grain structural steel and improvements in the boom telescopes mean that the load capacity has been increased yet again whilst the dimensions have stayed almost identical. The Liebherr innovations VarioBase® and ECOmode mean that crane operators can use the new LTC 1050-3.1 with even more safety and efficiency. The 6-cylinder diesel engine meets the latest emissions regulations for Stage IV / Tier 4f.

The Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 is, like its predecessor, a single-cab crane. That means, for driving on the road the cab is moved to the front of the vehicle using a telescopic arm. In this position the crane driver has better visibility and a good driving position, particularly at high speed. The optional lift cab which can take the crane driver to an eye level of 7.8 m opens up new areas of use and advantages over conventional machines. The drastically improved line of sight to the assembly situation enhances safety for many crane jobs. This is why the majority of operators of the LTC 1045-3.1 have decided to purchase the lift cab.

The Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 is designed to be an "all-in crane" so that its gross weight of 36 tonnes and axle weight of 12 tonnes includes the entire counterweight of 6.5 tonnes, the double folding jib, 445/95 R25 (16.00) tyres, Telma eddy current brakes, 6x6 drive and a hook block. This means that the 50-tonner is immediately ready for use when it arrives on site.

The LTC 1050-3.1 has high load capacities over its entire working range. It is considerably more powerful than comparable city cranes on the market. The strong telescopic cylinder and the correspondingly enhanced crane controller on the LTC 1050-3.1 allow heavy loads to be telescoped which is particularly beneficial for installation work in factory buildings.