News | 10/10/2016 Liebherr presents its competence in the area of common rail fuel injection systems

Liebherr Components presents its competence in common rail fuel injection technologies.

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The Components division of the Liebherr Group is exhibiting again at the 25th Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology in Aachen. The focus lies on common rail fuel injection systems as well as engine control units from Liebherr’s own development and production.

As a special highlight, Liebherr is presenting a new variant of its common rail fuel injection system 11.2 for in-line engines. Instead of individual pressure reservoirs, a shared ‘common’ rail is employed. Together with a modified engine control unit, this system configuration is ideal for on-road heavy duty applications. It has not only been configured to comply with off-road emission standards but also for the on-road EURO V and EURO VI standards.

The common rail system 11.2 is suitable for engines with a capacity up to three litres per cylinder and a total power output up to 800 kW. Liebherr thus offers an attractive alternative for both on-highway and off-highway applications, in both medium- and heavy-duty ranges and in the field of industrial engines. The range is supplemented by systems for engines of up to six litres capacity per cylinder with a total power output of up to 5,000 kW. Common rail systems developed by Liebherr have now been in series production for more than four years. The innovative systems comply with the current and future emission standards for diesel engines, enabling high performance with the lowest possible fuel consumption. With precise multiple injection at pressures of up to 2,200 bar, constant performance and low emission values are guaranteed throughout the engine's service life.

Liebherr's common rail systems are adapted to specific customer application to ensure optimum combustion for each application and notably low fuel consumption over the entire engine map.

Within the colloquium, Liebherr also gives an insight into the research and development of diesel engines. In the context of a technical presentation detailed information will be given on how to avoid crankshaft axial vibrations in engines: the influencing parameters, simulation and possible solutions. The presentation will be held on Wednesday, 12th Oktober in the ‘Berlin’ auditorium of the Eurogress Aachen.