Press releases | 06/02/2015 Liebherr presents a Cross Section of its Varied Range of Cranes at the CTT Moscow 2015

  • LTR 1060 telescopic crawler crane with variable boom technology
  • 150 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top crane with tower system from Russian production
  • Crane simulator for professional crane driver training

The Liebherr Group presents a selection of its varied range of cranes at the CTT Moscow. While the LTR 1060 telescopic crawler crane with its variable boom system is predestined for the assembly of finished parts, the modular 150 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top crane can be modified for a broad range of construction site requirements. Visitors to the exhibition are also able to test the crane simulator for construction cranes, which is a permanent item in Liebherr's crane driver training program.

The Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top crane in operation

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Liebherr crane simulator for professional crane driver training

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LTR 1060 Telescopic Crawler Crane

From its line of telescopic crawler cranes, Liebherr presents the LTR 1060 at this year's CTT in Moscow. The 60-tonner features a 40 m long telescopic boom which can be extended with a 9.5 m to 16 m long biparted swing-away jib. This allows hoisting heights of up to 54.5 m and boom radii up to 48 m to be achieved. The boom technology and crane control of the LTR 1060 allow the boom to be extended with heavy loads, which is not generally possible with lattice boom cranes.

The crawler travel gear of the Liebherr LTR 1060 provides excellent off-road capacity and superb manoeuvrability, as well as allowing the crane to travel under full load. The advantages of a telescopic crane are the shorter set-up times, easier transport, and the variability of the boom system. The telescopic boom is extended fully automatically and rapidly to the desired length. And because a crawler crane does not need to be supported, it can be quickly set up on site and can start working immediately.

Because of its design and configuration, the LTR 1060 telescopic crawler crane is predestined for the assembly of finished parts. With an erection jib 2.5 metres long and the second hoist mechanism, installation work can be carried out in two-hook operation. The load hoisted from a low loader by the erection jib is passed on with the second hook on the telescopic boom. This allows finished parts to be turned to the correct position and moved to the assembly point with the crawler.

150 EC-B 8 Litronic Flat-top Crane

Liebherr presents the modular design 150 EC B 8 Litronic flat-top crane at CTT 2015 in Moscow. The basic 150 EC-B machine is available either in FR.tronic or Litronic versions. The flat-top crane is available in a 6-tonne or 8-tonne version, providing a particularly high level of flexibility in terms of machine configuration. The 150 EC-B can be optimally adapted to the various construction site requirements and customer needs, and it also represents an economically interesting machine concept for crane rental operations.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 1,700 kg at the tip and a 60 m radius, the 150 EC-B8 Litronic boasts an impressive performance capability. Both versions – FR.tronic and Litronic - have a maximum load capacity of 8,000 kg. The jib length can be adjusted as required in 5-metre increments from 25 m to 60 m. This guarantees the optimum configuration for a wide variety of site conditions, especially on sites with restricted space. In addition, all loads are moved in efficient 2-fall operation.

The 132 HC tower system employed on the 150 EC-B is manufactured by Liebherr in Nizhny Novgorod – “German Technology, made in Russia”. The foundation anchors for this type of crane also come from Liebherr's Russian production facilities.

Crane Simulator for Construction Cranes

Liebherr shows the crane simulator for construction cranes at the CTT Moscow 2015. This is an elementary part of Liebherr's crane driver training program. The crane simulator consists of a software-supported simulation based on the real-life crane functions of the 280 EC-H top-slewing crane. Installed in an original crane driver's cab and with authentic control options, the crane driver is given the feeling of operating a real crane. The view from the cab is realistically projected onto a large-format screen.

In addition, the crane simulator makes it possible to train with the working range limitation and to freely define “prohibited working ranges” for a virtual construction site. Prohibited working ranges can be visually incorporated into the construction site and tested. The working range limitation is correctly set if the crane switches off when it is slewed into a prohibited range.

The crane simulators can be used to simulate everyday operational situations which will be encountered by the future crane driver. The simulation helps the future crane driver to develop a practical feel for the crane and to drive the crane.


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