Press releases | 09/26/2016 Liebherr presents a 100-tonne telescopic crawler crane at MINExpo 2016

  • Combines the advantages of a telescopic crane and those of a crawler crane
  • Sensitive driving under full load
  • High telescopable capacities

Liebherr presents the LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane at MINExpo. The LTR 1100 has a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes and features a 52-m telescopic boom.

Liebherr telescopic crawler crane LTR 1100

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The LTR 1100 unites the advantages of a telescopic crane and those of a crawler crane. The crawler chassis has outstanding off-road capabilities and manoeuvrability. What is more, the crane displaces its load with excellent precision. The advantages of telescopic cranes are short set-up times, easier transportation and the variability of the boom and jib system. The telescopic boom extends fully-automatically and quickly to the required length. The 6-section, 52m telescopic boom can be extended with a swing-away jib measuring between 10.8m and 19m. Two lattice sections measuring 7 m each are also available and can be fitted between the telescopic boom and the swing-away jib in order to increase the pining point of the jib, which can be luffed at up to 40°. The swing-away jib is also optionally available with hydraulics. The jib can be luffed between 0° and 40° under a full load. The LTR 1100 offers the additional benefit that high loads can be telescoped using the boom, a task that is not possible in principle with lattice booms.

A primary application of the LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane is the erection of pre-assembled units. Erection tasks in 2-hook operation can be carried out using the 2.9m erection jib and a second hoist gear. Loads can be removed from a low loader, swivelled into the correct position and then moved to the site using the crawler.

The Liebherr telescopic crawler crane is driven by a Liebherr four-cylinder diesel engine which has an output of 175hp (129kW) at 1,800rpm and a torque of 815Nm at 1,100 – 1,500rpm. The winches afford a high rope tension of 88 kN, thereby ensuring fast work cycles.

The crawler chassis is telescoped hydraulically to a width of 5.05 m for crane work. The crawler tracks have a width of 900mm and are fitted as standard with triple grouser track pads. Flat track pads are also optionally available. Two suspended blocks weighing 7.5 tonnes each are secured to the crawler centre section as a central ballast. The maximum ballast on the superstructure is 32 tonnes.

The crane cabin is comfortably equipped and can be tilted backwards up to 20° to give the crane operator a better view to the load. The LICCON monitor in the dashboard is the visible module of the LICCON computer system which, as in Liebherr’s LTM cranes, is responsible for comprehensive control, information and monitoring functions.


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