Press releases | 07/13/2022 Liebherr partners with So-Low Environmental to expand market

  • Collaboration will promote growth within the US for both Liebherr and So-Low Environmental Equipment, co.

The German manufactured, high-performance freezers and refrigerators will now be distributed by a leading scientific and health care cold storage equipment company.

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Liebherr USA, Co., Refrigerators and Freezers is proud to announce a new partnership with So-Low Environmental Equipment Co., a leading manufacturer and distributor of scientific and health care cold storage equipment. The collaboration promises to promote growth within the United States while increasing Liebherr’s presence in the medical research, storage, and scientific healthcare markets. Through this alliance, Liebherr scientific laboratory products will complement and strengthen the So-Low product portfolio, providing a premium offering to customers.

“Over its 60 years in the industry, So-Low has become highly regarded in both the pharmaceutical and medical cold storage industries, which is why we are pleased to call them our partners,” said Alex Squarize Divisional Director for Liebherr USA, Co., Refrigerators and Freezers. “Through this new relationship, Liebherr will continue to make inroads in the commercial sectors. With the help of So-Low’s years of expertise and established channels, we will be able to introduce our products to the professionals who need them the most.”

The quality of the cooling system from Liebherr ensures the safety and consistency of biomedical materials and offers peace-of-mind to an industry increasingly demanding reliable, cold storage solutions. Additionally, all refrigeration products are both environmentally-sound and energy efficient. Liebherr’s unique design and premium quality surpass the standard freezers in the scientific and health care sectors.

"The last 2 years reinforced the need for all medical and scientific professionals to have access to the highest quality cold storage equipment to adequately support their communities and contribute advancements to their industries. So-Low Environmental’ s mission is to build and deliver the best freezers and refrigerators in the cold storage industry to support this need. Liebherr is now a trusted partner in our mission. We stand behind the quality and design of their scientific line and are proud to collaborate on equipment that will elevate the care, insights, and innovations our clients produce during a time when medical and scientific excellence is of the utmost importance for our world,” said Danny Hensler Director of Partner Sales for So-Low Environmental

With over sixty years in business, So-Low provides a commitment to superior service for all the units they represent and make. “Because of their dedication to excellence and personalized service,” states Sarah Gambrell, Scientific Sales Manager, “we look forward to collaborating with the So-Low team and support them through our own training and marketing efforts, knowing their values align with Liebherr’s own high standards.”


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