Press releases | 11/08/2023 Liebherr participates in Shanghai Airshow 2023

  • Liebherr-Aerospace welcomes visitors at its booth B16
  • Exhibits include electrification of aircraft systems as well as innovative solutions for increasing aircraft efficiency and enhanced passenger and crew comfort

As a system supplier to the Chinese ARJ21 and C919 aircraft platforms, Liebherr-Aerospace will participate in Shanghai Airshow from November 23 to 25, 2023 in Shanghai (China). The company will be represented at stand B16. On display will be for example the Boeing 777X folding wing tip actuation, a C919 main landing gear as well as air management systems components. Further highlights include weight-optimized components produced by using 3D printing technology.

Liebherr’s supplemental cooling pack for long range aircraft – © Liebherr

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3D print technology: Rudder actuator developed and produced by Liebherr – © Liebherr

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Liebherr LAMC Aviation (Changsha) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the assembly and delivery of ARJ21 and C919 landing gears. – © LLA/Liebherr

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The aviation industry is again in full swing worldwide and especially in China. Liebherr-Aerospace's presence at Shanghai Airshow 2023 demonstrates that the company is prepared to have a share in the impressive development of the Asian aircraft market.

Many years of experience in the design and integration of air management, flight control and actuation systems, landing gears as well signal and power electronics make Liebherr an indispensable partner to aircraft manufacturers such as AVIC and COMAC.

A joint venture at Liebherr-Aerospace’s stand

Liebherr LAMC Aviation (Changsha) Co., Ltd., the joint venture between the Chinese company LAMC (AVIC Landing Gear Advanced Manufacturing Corp.) and German-based Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, will be represented as well at stand B16.

Established in 2012 in Changsha, the joint venture assembles and delivers landing gear systems for Chinese aircraft programs like COMAC’s ARJ21 and C919.

Outlook of Liebherr-Aerospace and its business in China

Liebherr-Aerospace expects a strong production ramp-up at COMAC, as China’s domestic market requires thousands of new aircraft in the coming 20 years to comply with the increasing demand. Liebherr foresees that the ARJ21 and C919 aircraft will be a market success, strengthening COMAC’s ambitions as important manufacturer of commercial aircraft.

Liebherr’s relationship with the Chinese aviation industry, which started almost 20 years ago with the ARJ21 Regional Jet program, is of very high quality. It has been consolidating over the years and Liebherr considers this relationship as very promising for everyone involved.


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