Press releases | 12/12/2017 Liebherr NC-B top-slewing cranes in action

  • Internal climbers: Two NC-B 6-62 are building the Balewadi Techpark in Pune
  • Six tonnes maximum lifting capacity, 50 m jib length, 83.3 m hook height
  • NC-B 9-62 at the Excon India 2017

After the launch of the NC-B series last year, the cranes are already working on several construction sites. The smaller one of them is the Balewadi Techpark in Pune, India. The larger one is the NC-B 9-62 that will be exhibit at the booth OD 50 at Excon in India from December 12th to 16th.

Internal climbers: Two NC-B 6-62 are building the Balewadi Techpark in Pune.

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Liebherr developed the new NC-B series for a wide range of possible uses in terms of high hook heights and heavy loads.

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The Balewadi Techpark Pune, a part of the 2.2 million sq. ft. of Panchshil Business Park, offers shoppers a varied option of 23 high-end retailers. With cutting-edge design, it will be an incredible fusion of design, art, fashion, food, leisure and business. Altogether, the commercial building will cover two basements, the ground floor and 16 stores.

Based on the good experiences with two 85 EC-B 5i last year, S.J. Contracts Pvt. Ltd. is now deploying two NC-B 6-62. The two cranes are used as internal climbers because of the huge height of the building: 83.3 m. At a 35 m working radius and up to 3.40 t, building material has to be lifted - that's mere child's play for the two NC-B 6-62: At 35 m working radius, they still can lift 3.92 t. With the 50 m jibs, they can easily cover the whole construction site.

The Flat-Top cranes are used for the climbing formwork of the building and therefore have tower heights of 46.80 m with an overhang required of around 18 meters at any moment of construction progress. Actually, the NC-B 6-62 was achieving 21.7 m. Consequently, they need less climbing steps. That accelerates the whole building process.

The assembly of the cranes was in June 2017 and in the end of 2018, the building is supposed to be finalized. Liebherr will exhibit a NC-B 9-62 at the Excon in Bangalore which is from December 12th to16th 2017.

The NC-B series

The NC-B series was specifically developed to meet the requirements for use in conurbations in emerging countries. The first two models in the series can cover a wide range of construction projects in these areas. The nine-tonne version is ideal for hoisting heavy prefabricated components – for example for building shopping centres, production plants and car parks. The six-tonne NC-B 6-62 crane, meanwhile, is perfect for erecting tower blocks in inner city areas where they work with low load weights but enormous hook heights.

The new 16 EC tower system with external dimensions of 1.60 m x 1.60 m was developed for the new NC-B cranes. These tower sections are climbable and connected by using pins.

The hydraulic unit is suitable for both internal and external climbing. It can be removed in full and is compatible with other Liebherr tower cranes of the same crane class, which means that operators only require one unit which can then be used at different sites.

The model names of the NC-B cranes indicate their maximum lifting capacity and maximum radius. The NC-B 6-62 model on show at the Excon India therefore has a maximum lifting capacity of 9 tonnes and a maximum radius of 62.50 m.

Liebherr manufactures cranes tailored to suit the local market in India at its Liebherr CMCtec India Private Limited Pune. Production started in 2012, ensuring short lead times whilst still using time-tested, high-quality German technology.


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