News | 07/27/2015 Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in over 100 countries

The LHM 420 allows for highly efficient cargo handling in Haiti and Luxemburg.

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As more and more ports opt for mobile harbour cranes, Liebherr has topped the 100 mark in terms of deliveries to different countries. In total, Spain is in the lead regarding deliveries per country with over 100 units supplied. Recently, three new countries have joined the reference list: Haiti, Suriname and Luxemburg.

A newly built port in the Caribbean is the first Liebherr mobile harbour crane customer in Haiti. In June 2015, Port Lafito received its first mobile harbour cranes. The port opted for two LHM 420s. Crane drivers benefit from simulation-based training programmes which are offered in the Liebherr maritime training centre in Miami, USA.

Based in Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, N.V. VSH Transport received their first Liebherr mobile harbour crane in summer 2015. The main task of the new LHM 280 is container handling. Moreover, the crane is designed for efficient bulk and general cargo operations.

In Europe, Luxport S.A. in Luxemburg opted for their first Liebherr mobile harbour crane. The LHM 420 started operation in Port de Mertert at the turn of the year. The first delivery for Luxemburg ensures that each of the Benelux countries benefits from the unique performance of Liebherr port equipment.

In the near future, Liebherr expects more first-time deliveries to countries which have not yet used mobile harbour cranes.