News | 09/08/2023 Liebherr mobile construction crane on top form along major road

  • Deployment along one of Germany’s most congested roads
  • Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane demonstrates its strength
  • Long reach and high performance capacity prove essential

A construction site on a busy road is a tricky challenge in itself. When this also involved one of the most congested roads in Germany, the Mittlerer Ring in Munich, it was essential for the crane’s impact on traffic to be kept to a minimum. And this is where Liebherr’s MK 140 mobile construction crane really came into its own.

The MK 140 mobile construction crane's long reach and high jib head load capacity prevented a closure of the Mittlerer Ring road.

Maintenance work and repairs are among the common tasks handled by Liebherr mobile construction cranes.

The Munich-based crane rental company SG-Kran GmbH decided on an MK 140 for this job because of its long reach and high jib head load capacity. Components needed to be lifted onto the roof of a multi-storey building to upgrade its air-conditioning and heating systems. The challenge: the "Mittlerer Ring", a major road running in front of the building and one of the most congested in Germany. The almost 30-kilometre-long federal highway in Munich provides fast access to the city's main routes. Eight motorways lead to Munich, and five of these feed onto the ring road. So, closing the Mittlerer Ring had to be avoided in order not to put further strain on Munich’s traffic system.

No closure of the Mittlerer Ring needed

The mobile construction crane was erected on an opposite side street, and the crane jib easily reached across the Mittlerer Ring to the roof of the building. As the crane is quick to assemble without the need for extra resources, this kept operational time, and consequently traffic restrictions, to a minimum. Only one person is required for assembly, dismantling and operation.

MK 140 impresses with its long reach and elevating cabin with clear views

High projecting edges aren’t a problem for Liebherr’s mobile construction crane. Thanks to its long reach, it easily negotiated the distance to the building's edge. The crane features a maximum lifting capacity of eight tonnes. With a 58.5 metre radius, the five-axle MK 140 can still lift as much as 1,900 kilograms at its jib head. An infinitely height-adjustable elevating cabin ensures clear views of the load, the construction site and the surrounding area. The MK 140 is the only machine in Liebherr’s range of mobile construction cranes with a three-section telescopic tower of solid wall construction. Its VarioJib jib concept allows the MK to be operated in either trolley or luffing mode. Use of the trolley mode in Munich enabled a high handling capacity in trolley operation.