Press releases | 12/07/2017 Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane turns night into day

  • Dismantling a cable bridge at a Munich hospital
  • Construction site lamps integrated in the jib
  • No disturbance for neighbours thanks to diesel generator and low-noise electric driving units

Hoisting bridge elements through two overhead cables was the most difficult part of the job. A Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane dismantled a cable bridge at night. The job was completed within a few hours thanks to the lighting concept of Liebherr mobile construction cranes.

The Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane operated by Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG dismantled a cable bridge at night.

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An MK 88 Plus dismantled a cable bridge at Munich hospital on the right bank of the River Isar. To do this job, the taxi crane arrived in the middle of the night and assembled itself within around 20 minutes at the touch of a button. The tower was extended to a height of 30 metres to enable the crane to slew over the edges of the surrounding buildings.

First of all, the mobile construction crane hoisted the cable bridge as a whole from its two support points on each side of the road. It then turned it in the air parallel to the road over its entire length. The most difficult part was to slew between the overhead cables for the tram and the guying for the road lights – child's play for crane driver Uwe Meiselbach thanks to the flexible MK 88 Plus with Micromove fine positioning mode.

The power was switched off at 2:30 am to allow this tricky work to be completed. The MK 88 Plus was therefore the main light source for the job. It has a total of five 1500 W floodlights mounted on its 30-metre tower and 45-metre jib which made this night-time job significantly easier.

Its low-noise diesel generator and electric driving units meant that the Liebherr mobile construction crane was not heard by either the local residents or patients in the hospital.

As dawn broke, crane driver Uwe Meiselbach switched off the construction site lamps and started the dismantling of the mobile construction crane at the touch of a button. After the cable bridge had provided reliable service over a period of three years, it disappeared from in front of the Munich hospital with little noise and without trace.

Emil Schmidt, owner of KBS Service GmbH, specifically awarded the order to Schmidbauer: low space requirement, lots of light but above all the good handling of the load were the aspects of the MK 88 Plus that attracted him to it.


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