News | 02/24/2021 Liebherr maintains air conditioning systems for Graz trams

Variobahn of Holding Graz with Liebherr air conditioning systems on board - © Holding Graz

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On behalf of Holding Graz Kommunale Dienstleistungen GmbH (Austria), Liebherr-Transportation Systems maintains 45 driver's cab (one per tram) and 90 compartment air conditioning systems (two per tram). The five-part low-floor sets of the Variobahn type from Stadler Rail are operated by Holding Graz since the end of 2007.

The trams are subjected to preventive maintenance and technical checks by the qualified Liebherr service technicians every year. The tailor-made customer service for the air conditioning systems enables both the highest possible availability of the vehicles and a high level of comfort for the passengers.

The maintenance order underlines the competence of Liebherr-Transportation Systems to offer suitable service solutions for modern air conditioning systems.