Press releases | 11/13/2019 Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane loads massive oil platform

  • LR 13000 positions 1,200 tonnes on barges
  • Using the 3,000-tonne crane delivers significant cost benefits
  • The LR 13000 is the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world

Just three hours rather than the normal 18 and no need to close the waterway – all made possible by the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world. Mexican crane and heavy haulage contractor ESEASA used its Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane for the first time to load oil platforms onto barges at the port city of Tampico.

The barge can be positioned alongside the quay for loading the structural steelwork weighing up to 1,200 tonnes.

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A large number of industrial companies have made their homes on the banks of the Rio Pánuco, to enable them to ship their freight down the river to the sea.

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The extremely powerful slewing ring on the LR 13000 was developed and is also manufactured by Liebherr in-house.

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Tampico is on the Gulf of Mexico and is a major industrial centre with its own port. A large number of industrial companies have made their homes on the banks of the Rio Pánuco, to enable them to ship their freight down the river to the sea. ESEASA also has a company site directly on the banks of the waterway. The company is currently manufacturing seven oil platforms there for state oil group PEMEX. These were hoisted onto barges in component form by the LR 13000 before being transported to the south of the Gulf of Mexico.

Significantly faster loading

The loads for hoisting were gigantic. Up to 1,200 tonnes had to be positioned on the barges using a radius of up to 38 metres. The Liebherr 3,000-tonne crawler crane is ideal for this work and delivers significant benefits compared to the previous method for loading oil platforms. Previously, the heavy components were loaded onto SPMTs using jack-up systems and then driven onto the barge on them. This took around 18 hours. To be loaded in this way, the barge must be positioned front-in at a 90 degree angle to the quay and held in place by several tugs. In this position, the barge extends so far into the waterway that it has to be closed for several hours, costing an enormous amount of money.

Loading the enormous steel structures using the LR 13000 took just three hours and the barge could be secured alongside the quay. Tugs were required for significantly less time which saved a great deal of money and the canal could be left open for shipping. Since no heavy SPMTs had to drive onto the barge with the steel components, smaller barges could be used, therefore also reducing costs. Aldo Santos, who owns ESEASA along with his four brothers, was delighted: “Loading the massive components using the Liebherr LR 13000 worked perfectly and is significantly more economical than our previous procedure. The extremely short time required is extraordinary.”


Heavy haulage and crane contractor ESEASA based in Mexico City, has three LTR 11200 cranes, three LTM 11200-9.1 machines and one LR 11350 as well as an LR 13000 from Liebherr. Aldo Santos appreciates having a direct line to Liebherr and its reliable service around the clock. He says: “We require competent service and fast solutions for our projects. We cannot accept delays, we need solutions on the day. Liebherr provides us with excellent support and also ensures that well trained technicians are normally available. We also appreciate the high quality of Liebherr cranes.” The main areas of work for ESEASA are in the energy sector, such as petrochemicals and wind power. The company specialises in major projects, including complete planning and erection work. ESEASA also develops and manufactures entire systems such as oil platforms. They are then transported and assembled on site. This means that ESEASA provides engineering services with logistics, including heavy haulage and crane erection work from a single source. In addition, the company is also active in the offshore industry. ESEASA carries out erection, maintenance and repair work on offshore oil platforms.

LR 13000 crawler crane

The LR 13000 can hoist up to 3,000 tonnes and is the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world. It is the only crawler crane in this size class which can operate without derrick ballast, which is a major benefit when space is at a premium. This is made possible by a slewing ring which Liebherr developed and also manufactures in-house and features an extremely high load capacity. With a roller head height of up to 248 metres, the LR 13000 is also the tallest crawler crane in the world.


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